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Current Work in Progress premium ships – June 2019

WorldOfWarships4 - Current Work in Progress premium ships - June 2019

Wow, a three month long streak of remembering to do these premium posts. This is the most committed I have managed to stay to anything in my life so far.

Before the ship splurge I want to point out the ratio of premiums in this list for T2-8 when compared to T9-10: 9 to 10. That's a hell of a lot of high tier premiums. Having such an influx of T9/10 premiums is, in my opinion, a very double edged sword. On the negative side, it detracts from low tier, affordable premium ships (cough, it's why Yahagi and such are being held back, so new low tiers don't need to be made), and thus pushing out the playerbase that can't afford the time to grind or the cost to buy, or both. However, if WG sets up the purchase methods right (not a load of steel walls for all of them) then the problem of a lack of variety that led to the overpopulation of Musashis/Kronshtadts – and even what we see with Jean Barts and Salems now – will finally be alleviated, with players not possibly having enough coal/steel/free xp to get every one of these ships upon release. Whether you guys are for or against this change in premium production I cannot tell, however I for one am glad that the era of the binary "Salem or Jean Bart" posts is likely coming to an end.

Super old ships:

Yahagi – T5 Japanese CL

Viribus Unitus – T5 Pan-EU BB (Note: Currently German, heavily hinted at being released as Pan-European once Blyskawica is moved and Friesland is released)

Leone – T6 Italian DD

Indomitable – T8 British CV

Old ships:

Yudachi – T7 Japanese DD

Bayard – T8 French CL

Benham – T9 United States DD

Georgia – T9 United States BB

Yoshino – T10 Japanese CA

Current ships:

Siroco – T5 French DD (Note: Basically copy paste T4 DD (Bourrasque) with reload booster a tier higher)

Hill – T5 United States DD

Somers – T10 United States DD

Colbert – T10 French CL

Smolensk – T10 Russian CL

(Note: Slava is in testing, will be a tech tree T10 – not a premium ship)

Near-Future ships:

Ark Royal – T6 British CV

Friesland – T9 Pan-EU DD (Note: Upon release of 0.8.5, she will be Polish, upon public release post testing the Polish nation will become the Pan-European nation)

Siegfried – T9 German CA

Hayate – T10 Japanese DD


Thunderer – T10 British BB

Confirmed sources of purchase:

Yoshino – Coal in Armory

Georgia – Coal in Armory

Slava – Tech tree, researchable from Sovetsky Soyuz

My personal predicted sources of purchase (unconfirmed):

Hill – Freemium, never existed, basically the love child of a Mahan and Nicholas, basically no hype and no one would buy her for cash

Siroco – Freemium, released in relatively easy mission chain or campaign to coincide with the release of the French DD line

Viribus Unitus – Freemium or cash, low tier way to get players access to the Pan-EU tree before a tech tree line (DDs) is released in the far future

Bayard – Cash, Gascogne and Le Terrible (in release state) as T8 cash premiums for France flopped, WG needs a new T8 ship to fill that slot

Hayate and Thunderer – From what I have read this is a popular guess for both of these ships – both becoming alternate T10s in their nations akin to Slava with the Russian BB line. Seeing how WG did state on the Slava announcement that splits like hers will be likely seen in the future, it isn't a far stretch to say that Thunderer will be the replacement for 457mm Conqueror and Hayate will be a sort of "in the middle" DD of the extremes that are Shimakaze and Harugumo.

Future of these posts:

Oh hey an unnecessary addition after posting that I felt like doing.

Honestly I quite like making these posts, keeps me on my toes for what ships to look out for on the horizon and keeps others aware as well. I have decided to stop adding "old" ship sections after the "super old ships" because I'd rather not keep trying to emphasize age every patch when a new set of test ships appears. Seeing how WG is deliberately holding back Yahagi, Viribus Unitus, and Leone akin to how T-61 was held back, we're likely not going to see those ships be released for a while. So every patch there will likely be an addition of new ships to the "super old ships" section due to WG's new method of holding back ships until the time is right. I may add in a new "old" section in the future if the oldest section begins to get clogged up.

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