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CV consumable changes from a (now) CV main

WorldOfWarships7 - CV consumable changes from a (now) CV main

First off, inb4 "nurr hurr CV dum, y r u gey delet CV, hurr hurr I funee". I don't care what your thoughts are on the CV's planes and their magical "ignore AA" and "infinite resupply". This is not about that or them.

This is about a CV's consumables, and why they need changes to rebalance the CV as a hull in the water.

Now, on that topic: We have two consumables, an automatic DCON and automatic fighters. These were added to allow a CV to continue playing planes with little regard for managing their hull. This was a bad idea, and has had worse effects. For example, a CV no longer has to worry about managing incoming fires and floods. Thus, they have far less to worry about in their positioning, which has lead to even lazier CV play. And fighters… Understandably, CV rushes were dumb. About as dumb as CV's rushing DD's within the first 3 minutes. So they added auto fighters. And the fighters render air attacks useless, removing a historically valid tactic and a means to suppress the enemy CV; by punishing them for being either out of position, or not paying attention, you can force them to F out and take care of their hull.

This leads to several major issues:

  1. No attention is paid to positioning. Even worse than before, you can effectively ignore your hull. This is bad.
  2. No means of dealing sustained DoT via fires or floods, let alone the suppression of launches via fires. This is bad.
  3. No means of suppressing the enemy CV without extreme losses against even a lone CV. This is extra bad.
  4. No means of suppressing enemy aircraft in combat to aid in map control or even defending a ship. Very extra bad.

So I propose this:

  1. CV launched fighters become a single charge consumable, automatically activated at the start of the match. You get 5 minutes and then you're on your own, and have to rely on your AA guns like the rest of the team.
  2. DCON is no longer automatic, has a 10s up time, and a 80s recharge. This will reduce the ability of the CV to counter DOT, but still allow for a single flight to be launched as a defensive measure. After that, you better hope you followed the team…
  3. Aircraft dropped fighters have 1.5-2x patrol range, 120s up time, 60s CD, and unlimited charges. Now I can hear the pitchforks, but calm your angrily jiggling mantits… They can't spot anymore. Nothing. Nada. Not a damn thing. They do the only job fighters do, which is shooting enemy plens. The uptime should allow for more impactful defense, while the patrol range would increase map control. Slow the activation by ~1s to allow enemy planes to get out at boost speeds (if you drop them directly on top of a squadron), and prevent all fighters from chasing outside of their patrol ranges.
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The goal is to create a CV that requires you to pay attention to the map, like every other ship (wasn't that their goal???), while allowing more map control and defense via fighters. It also tries to avoid the pitfalls of the RTS fighters and the current useless garbage fire fighters we have now, while increasing inter-CV interaction.

Please, attempt to stay relevant to the content at hand when you comment: CV consumables, their effects, and their stats.

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