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After reading the other post, I figured I would post my ideas. While I would love the game to be free of carriers, if they are to remain, they should be fun and balanced. These are just ideas, and it never hurts to share ideas, at least in regards to a game. Any numbers in this post are made up, and should be adjusted by people who do such things, so not a WG employee.

Fighters: CVs now have a total allotted number of fighters, just like the other aircraft. When you launch a squadron, you also launch with a fighter escort. The escort will attack ship launched fighters, or can be detached to engage opposing CV aircraft. The CV also gains an unlimited charge consumable that can be used to direct a fighter patrol. While unlimited in charge uses, it will be limited by the fighters onboard the carrier.

  • Fighters assigned to protect a ship will stray outside of the normal circle radius to engage enemy attack craft, but not fighters.

  • Fighters assigned to an enemy ship will fly there, or last known position, engage any planes enroute before returning to ship after a 15 second orbit.

  • Fighters assigned to an empty portion of the map will fly there, attacking planes enroute, circle the assigned spot for 30 seconds, before returning to ship.

Spotting: CVs will now soft spot ships for 5-10 seconds before hard spotting. If Line of Sight (LOS) is lost, then the ship will not be hard spotted for allies until kept within LOS for the full soft spot duration. Fighters set to patrol will not be able to hard spot a ship.


Load-outs: Return the option to have different craft load outs. Make it so you can select to not have 1 type of aircraft (such as not taking AP rockets for KM), but you only get 50% increased craft total for the extra squadron type (meaning if you take a 2nd torpedo squadron, which say you get 15 of, you only get 22 planes instead of 30). This would enable some customization to flight wings, while still keeping a balanced strike force the most appealing in terms of plane power.

Aircraft Consumables: Option to swap out the speed boost for a “Scatter”. Planes scatter to avoid Flak, but will return to an attack formation upon clicking the attack option, or after 10 seconds. It will take planes 3? Seconds to return to attack pattern.

Attack Adjustments: Planes now have the option to adjust how they attack. Rocket planes will vary between a line attack and area saturation. Torpedo planes will adjust between straight ahead attacks and converging attacks (designed for torps to converge at end of run time). Bombers will vary between a dive bomb and toss/loft bombing. Toss bombing would see the aircraft attacking from much further away, resulting in more bomb spread and longer time to target, while increasing aircraft survivability. Toggling works by hitting the aircraft button, similar to how you swap between torpedo patterns on surface ships.

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