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CV Mechanism Adjustment Suggestion

WorldOfWarships4 - CV Mechanism Adjustment Suggestion

Hi All,

I am a casual player whom have been playing wows for about a year with roughly 3k games. As an sub average player, i find the recent CV rework does not address the foundamental issue of CV gameplay – which is breaking the basic mechanism of the none CV ships. Wows without CV is simply a shooting game, all ships are playing the equal spot-shoot-hide/defence game. The mechanism is build around spot(concealmemt/radar/hydro), shoot(range/reload speed/ammo type) and hide/defence (armor/concealment/line of sight/angle/agility/speed/smoke), and that is how all ships are build and specified. Normally one ship will have both strength and weakness, that will define the play style of the particular ships againt others. However, with the introduce of CV, the CV mechanism agaisnt other ship is drastically reduced. In the perspective of CV, the gameplay is reduced to spot and shoot; in the perspective of none-CV ships it becames only hide/defence. That is the frustration that currently the player base is experiencing and unhappy about. DD game mechanism used to have the same issue as it is hard to be spotted, yet it is still not that bad as 1) torps are much easier to avoid, 2) once been spotted dd is normally in the shooting range as torp range is generally shorter than gun range (8-16km, that is why assashio torp cant hit CA/CL or it will be too powerful). The thing is, for none CV ships the gameplay is always risk and reward, you can engage by shooting to earn reward, however you will likely be spotted (even if hide behind mountain will expose rough location) and let yourself into risk. CV in the other hand is just reward with no risk (to the ship itself).


So as a sub-average player, with the current CV mechanism i find weak AA ship and DD suffer the most as it is high reward for CV with minimum to low risk. Hence i propose the following adjustment:

1) remove CV spotting for teammates. Ships spotted by CV will still be shown on mini map, but cannot be engaged by teammatws. Or if it is too drastic, then a range shall be implied on spotting. If the enemy DD is within (x) km of any teammate ship, then it can be engaged. Different ship types can have differant range value, if DD is (x), then CA/CL can be (x+3km), BB can be (x+6km) for example. This will help DD to survive better without reduce CV damage output.

2) give a buff on ships AA where enemy planes will take more damage if they stay within the (x) km distance continuesly. For example, if CV planes circle within fuso's 5km range no more than (A) seconds, it will take the current designed amount of damage (y); if it continues to (A+5s) then it will takes (y+z%) amount of damage. This will help lower tier weak AA ships and also end game ships where AA is badly damaged, as CV has no modules to be damaged in comparison.

Again, this is my personal view, and as a sub-average player, my understanding about the game maybe wrong. However, i do feel that the CV at the current state is unhealthy for the game and its future. Thanks for reading.


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