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CV – Nerf / Buff Patrol Fighters?

WorldOfWarships1 - CV - Nerf / Buff Patrol Fighters?

In this community there are a lot of people complaining that CVs are fulfilling to many roles to be balanced. They can deal high damage and spot the enemy ships.

On the other hand they argue that there is no counter-play to CVs as your own CV can't do much about enemy planes and other ships can't attack CVs either.

A very likely scenario to happen in games is that a CV spots a DD and the DD hides in smoke to not be detected. If the CV stay above the DD he loses to much time. So what's the thing CVs do? They use their Patrol Fighters above the smoke so the DD stays detected.

This shows 2 Problems imo:

  1. Patrol Fighters are valued as scouting planes, not AA-Fighters!
  2. It increases CVs ability to spot while already being the best class to perform this task by far.

Another scenario I often encountered in games: I (CV) try to defend the enemy planes with patrol fighters. A ship of my team and an enemy ship are quite close (for e.g. on 2 sides of an island or in close combat). What happens if I use my Patrol Fighters is that they get shot down by the enemy ships AA-Guns.

Here we have another problems: Patrol Fighters are no viable AA if enemy ships are nearby further decreasing CVs ability to provide AA-Support.

So what are my suggestions?

Patrol Fighters should be visible on map but circle on a high attitude this means:

  1. They can't spot. They don't spot ships no matter if it's BB, DD, CV or whatever.
  2. They can't be attacked by ships.
  3. They only attack enemy airplanes (as they do right now).
  4. (Maybe even increase the power of Patrol Fighters in duration or size of the circle to increase the potential counter-play)

That change would make it easier for CV Captains to counter-play enemy planes. You don't have to care about enemy ships and you can always drop your planes. It decreases the ability of CVs spotting.

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Patrol Fighters should be AA and nothing else. And they should work as a useful AA and not be useless in so many situations.

What you think?

(Oh and one more thing: Maybe it would be useful to give CV-Plane spotting a similar restriction as radar… it takes a few seconds until the ships of your team can see what you have spotted. You still can spot ad you can shot right away but don't create that instant volleys on enemy ships. Especially DD's would benefit from that change because they have a very small detection radius and they suffer the most from the current meta.)

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