World of Warships

CV rework, A cruiser perspective

WorldOfWarships2 - CV rework, A cruiser perspective

If you look up my stats I have almost double the amount of games in cruisers than I have anything else. In fact I have 4 tier 10 ships. 3 of them are cruisers, 4th is the Khaba(mini cruiser).

That being said, here's my observations.

  1. CVs are NOT OP. Least not anymore. Adios 12 torps at once from 1 CV. GOOD THING.

  2. Countering aircraft will require being aware of your surroundings and careful planning of your position and AA sector.

  3. Teamwork will be even more critical in the AA aspect because more overlapping AA the better.

3 is what I want to focus on because there are strengths and weaknesses. 1 way less flexibility because the need for overlapping AA. Loss of longer range through AFT and range mods hurts BADLY. Literally have to be almost on top of each other to get overlapping AA.

While this might make BBs less prone to sit in the back playing sniper since CVs now see lone ships as blood in the water.

But this leads to a dilemma. Especially for an AA ship called Atlanta. Yes I have bias here. I feel when I load in, I'm going to get screamed at by every ship in the game for protection and I'm going to be forced into lemming train after lemming train. Coupled with my short range(even with AFT) I'm going to get less chances to put my own shells on target.

So here's some questions.

  1. What is going to be done with rewards for doing damage to planes. I mean we have a damage counter now, would I get rewarded the same for doing over 100k damage to planes with say 30 shot down as I would for doing 100k dmg to ships with my actual guns?

  2. The loss of range hurts a lot of flexibility for team coverage. I mean that was a major selling point was the fact I could hit 7.2km range with my 5 inch guns and provide a lot of cover. Now I can't.

  3. Along with 2 is there any way for AA cruisers like Atlanta to be compensated back that range since that was part of what made them unique? And maybe that other cruisers that are better in the AA role(Brits and Americans) can get that AA range back to emphasize what they bring to the table?

Not trying to make cruisers OP vs carriers. That ia not my intention. Though some may see it that way. What I really want is a bit morr flexibility instead of huddling in groups to beat off air attack which will likely be the response of players.

If it's going to happen(which I think it will) allow a few ships to open up the distance and add some flex for said group.

Thoughts, opinions, tweaks, other ideas? I'm just tossing out an idea and seeing where the discussion is going. By no means am I specifically calling for my way or the highway. If you have a tweak or better idea, by all means say so.

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