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CV Rework has been one of the greatest failures in Video Game History

WorldOfWarships4 - CV Rework has been one of the greatest failures in Video Game History

I actually hear some really scummy CV apologist out there say stuff like, "Oh people just don't remember rts CVs," and an even, "CVs are needed to keep DDs balanced."

BOTH are complete garbage trash claims.

First, by WGs own metric as seen clearly in Flamu's video, CVs are OP. Period. By the metric that the company that makes the game made to figure out which class was the most OP CVs are BY FAR NOT EVEN CLOSE the most OP BS in the game. Period. As Flamu said, you aren't arguing with the ALL of the best players anymore. You are arguing with WG's own fcking metrics.

But let's actually get to dunking on the 2 apologist claims at the start.

"Oh people just don't remember rts CVs"

Rts Cvs were amazing compared to the complete dog crap we have no. Why?

  1. Because rts CVs were more rare. So ALL the BS about CVs was something you dealt with 1 every 6 games or less. You saw them 3 or 4 times less than you do now.
  2. Even when you got CV matches; CVs would have to fight each other for air superior in a way THEY DO NOT anymore. CVs are fucking retarded just on the fact THEY ARE THE ONLY CLASS IN THE GAME THAT DOESN'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEIR OPPOSITE NUMBER AT ALL. THEY ARE THE ONLY CLASS IN THE GAME DESIGNED TO IGNORE OTHER SHIPS OF THEIR CLASS AND FCK OVER EVERYONE ELSE.

You're a DD? You have to deal with other DDs. You're a BB? You have to deal with other BBs. You're a CL/CA? You gotta deal with other cruisers? CVs? Literally built so they discourage other CVs from doing anything but ignore each other. So even in the 4 matches out of 24 you saw CVs; 2 of them you would have the better OP CV player who got air superiority and shut down the other CV. Really in only 1 of about 24 games would you have a CV on the enemy team that was unicum and getting quick air superiority. IE, in only about 1 of 24 games did you experience CVs being MORE OP with RTS CVs compared to how you experience it ALMOST EVERY SINGLE GAME NOW. WHAT KIND OF BABOONS THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?!


While we are at it lest list the other dog shit perks CVs get for no reason; they can't catch fire. Why? Any ship in the game can catch fire but not CVs. They can't even get deplaned anymore; which makes shooting down planes feel so completely worthless and even more frustrating. And for some reason their secondaries seem better than those on BBs just cuz WG wants to make them that god damn retarded and stupid.

"CVs are needed to keep DDs balanced."

3) CVs do nothing to keep DDs balanced. Why? Because whenever some dumb nut CV says that they are talking about stealth Torp DDs. NEWS FLASH; there are entire DD lines (RU and FR), and CL lines, that specialize in being anti torpedo-DD. As do some CAs with radar. Where are the anti-CV CV lines for fcks sake? Also, if one class is going to be the most OP, everyone and their mother would prefer it be DDs who have the lowest HP and have to take the biggest risks rather than trash sky cancer hiding in the back.

4) Finally, RTS CVs were just more fun to play. I had about 400+ battles on RTS CVs even though it was my least played class BECAUSE I ACTUALLY THOUGHT IT WAS FUN. Since rework I have a total of 7 battles because holy crap what a dumpster fire of boring garbage game play they have inflicted on CVs and I can't even understand the class of loser than would find CV gameplay entertaining or fulfilling anymore.

The CV 'rework' has been the greatest failure in any video game I have ever seen BAR NONE.

I Play SO SO SO MUCH less now in the last 2 years compared to the previous 3 years 100% because of CVs and I spend like 85% less or more.

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