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CV rework questions

WorldOfWarships5 - CV rework questions

Hello reddit!

I have a few questions about what we may know so far about the CV rework! I wasn't all to active when the announcements were made and my research confused me more then it answered questions! Since i'm a CV main myself the news made me stop playing since they made me quite sad but i came to accept it by now.. still!

1, i read somewhere here on reddit that the CV lines will not include tier 4 – 5 anymore. Does that mean i won't be able to play Tier5 IJN Zuiho anymore? (my fav cv on the game)

2, is it still possible to test CV with that special client or is that invitation only?

3, What do the people who dislike CV in general think about the rework and do the news minder your hatred towards CV a bit? A game isn't really fun if people blame players like me who enjoy certain ships for playing them. Maybe with that rework it got a bit equalized?


4, On the EU server i noticed a massive increase in CV activity and alot of newer players who hopped into them (which increased my winrate dramatically making me feel like a prick for playing Zuiho in tz). Is that because of the refund option so you can turn it into fxp after rework hits?

5, Are any details out there regarding how the premium CV will be different from the standard ones?

6, what happens if i reset my account?I don't want my current CV stats to stay after the rework since they will not show the truth after the new game changes are in place! I will likely be worse after rework and don't want to be that person who keeps my currently good cv stats just to show off.

I'm sorry for bothering you with these questions and hope some of them get answered! Have a nice day!

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