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CV rework suggestions from a CV player

WorldOfWarships2 - CV rework suggestions from a CV player

Hey guys, these are simply suggestions from somebody who has experience playing the class. I have at least 500 games in every ship class and while I'm not a super unicum, I'm not a potato either and have multiple carriers in which I'm the world top 100. Please feel free to comment your own suggestions, or how mine could be improved and/or are bad in a constructive and helpful manner. We all want to see the game improve!

Fires and Detonations – Carriers should suffer detonations at the same rate as Battleships. I don't see any reason why they should be exempt. Most carriers are either conversions of, or fit the hull design of a battlecruiser so should burn like a cruiser or perhaps a battleship with all fire reductions trained and mounted. Damage control should be manually activated and have the same duration as a standard BB. 60 seconds is absurd.

Move to launch aircraft – Carriers have to be underway to launch aircraft, as real carriers needed to sail into the wind to launch strikes. I'm not saying the game should be realistic, this is an arcade game. I feel like this is a way in which real life can influence mechanics in a way that benefits gameplay. Sure. they can sail around in the A line but it stops a player from hiding behind an island out of sight the entire game.


Aircraft Hangar – I feel this will be the most controvesial one, so hold on to your butts. Currently we have a "deck" which holds all your available aircraft. This would stay the same. However, instead of simply regenerating planes, the timer denotes an aircraft being brought up from the hangar and prepped for launch. Take ship X. Its torpedo bombers have a restoration time of 90 seconds. This would give them access to 13 planes through "regeneration". I would make the hangar prep time 30-40 seconds but give a hard cap of 10 planes. This would serve two purposes. Firstly, there is no "infinite plane factory" which really annoys people, while at the same time lowering the total number of planes available during an entire game. Secondly, while the carrier player would have access to significantly increased full squadrons in the early game due to this fast hangar prep time, bad players that yolo planes would be punished a lot harder for not conserving their planes. This essentially makes AA more effective, as people would be less willing to risk their planes if they know later on they can't just send out half-full squadrons forever.

Manual AA – Essentially an option to take over the control of AA mounts, swapping out from the main battery. This introduces player skill into the equation and gives players agency to actually DO something against carriers. This encourages higher skill in many ways. Firstly, the carrier would be encouraged to pick "busy" targets for easier strikes, and players alone on a flank can switch out to their AA armament and decimate bad CV players' planes. The current automatic AA system would remain the same for those who don't chose to swap over to manually control the AA armaments.

Conclusion – Again, these are ideas or suggestions and not me saying "this is how the game should definitely be". I welcome any productive discussion on how we can make carriers actually fun to play against.

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