World of Warships

CV Update – Fix / Balancing Schedule / Plan

WorldOfWarships7 - CV Update - Fix / Balancing Schedule / Plan

Hello WG,

I know that throughout multiple posts it was mentioned that CV rework will continue through 0.8.4 and I would like to ask if we get some kind of schedule / plans for finishing the CV rework.

I, myself, play CV , XPed 2 reworked lines (with a bit of FXP help) and I enjoy the general gameplay. I XPed also German T7+ dds since 0.8.0 and I did not mind CVs in my game, they can be outplayed since rocket planes nerf except for HE bombing.

However, playing a CV now feels like punishment – yesterday I was called out in freaking COOP just for playing a CV trying to do quickly Daily chain. Playing in random means high chance of being automatically reported or called out just for playing a CV (regardless what you did or did not). This is a toxic atmosphere CV and non-CV players simply do not deserve. Playerbase needs to know what will happen next and grows impatient.

While the overall damage feel ok I think, there are still major issues which are brought up again and again and as a CV player I must agree:

– Early game spotting (should be fixed in 0.8.4)

– Extensive efficiency of HE bombs against dds (bug is fixed but it did not solve the issue)

– Extensive continuous spotting (especially of dds)

– AA feels irrelevant, not influenced by surface ships players, and players feel like being NPCs in CV games

– Games tend to end in blobbing up

– AA feels random for CVs as well – when attacking it feels like lottery if your planes managae the drop, especially when escaping away from surface ship – there are no visible flaks but planes die like flies, islands blocking AA also feels random …, sector switching feels too passive, UI elemt is distracting and annoying – Ctrl + click was much better


– Fighters – squad launched and surface ship launched feels completely random – sometimes it chases enemy for half a map, sometimes locks immediately, some times does not lock on squad at all and ignores it even when it is in range – feels broken and RNG

A few of my suggestions:

– delay on battle start is being introduced in 0.8.4 – add also a delay between possible launches, call it preparation time or something – example when I launch a torpedobomber, I cannot launch other squad for next 45 seconds (? time TBD)- i.e. when my squad dies immediately because I fucked up, I need to wait till I can launch another squad – this would help with extensive overall spotting and suicide runs, but when played well it would not affect CV player at all

– rework the fighter consumable to be targetable on a friendly ship to guard it or to enemy squadron directly to attack it, increase the cooldown but let the total number of fighters and cooldown be shared among all squads

– Manual AA skill should change the behaviour of AA – instead attacking random plane in squad it would always apply continuous damage on mos damaged plane in a squad – this would mitigate the situation when you deal 10 000 plane damage to attacking squad and shoot down 0 planes and it would make it very potent skill for AA ships

– Make player input into AA more relevant and interactive – but I have no idea how … direct AA control would be too distracting

Thanks for reading.

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