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CV Will Never Be Balanced This is Why

WorldOfWarships5 - CV Will Never Be Balanced This is Why

Yes This is a controversial opinion, but i have felt compelled to state it

The aircraft carrier as a class will never be balanced. But before i start i don't play CV much The game play doesn't appeal to me because if i wanted to play world of warplanes i'll play war thunder instead

Firstly yes the spotting is cancer let me explain why

Starting with the map design.

Islands are deliberately placed by the game devs to block line of sight and line of fire to prevent OP crossfires and every map being ocean. Hence the popularity of camping behind them and to the side of them in both randoms and more competitive game modes

Additionally World of Warships maps tend to reflect a common map design trope, of middle left right, popular with modern Call of Duty maps. In short you can take most of the World of Warship maps and turn them into corridors, again with some exceptions.

Now how does this affect the Aircraft carrier.

Easy, Planes are NOT affected by the map design they can fly anywhere they want at any time they want. It's like playing DE_Dust_2 without clipping and everyone else is playing it normally with clipping. In short for a CV every map might as well be Ocean for the movement of planes.

Secondly Whilst Planes are affected By LOS (Line of Sight) like surface ships which is fine and balanced. Until you realise that planes fly and have an elevated position this renders LOS pointless for the smaller islands that can stop surface ships spotting each other but not a CV spotting a Surface ship

You can also use the line of sight mechanic to your advantage as a Carrier as you can use the larger islands to shield you from AA flak as Rework AA needs line of sight to function meaning you can drop ships and spend less time in there AA. most of which you can avoid anyway.

Lastly. The planes are REALLY fast. To fast. At the beginning of a game within the first 30 seconds you can spot the entire of the enemy team and map there movement. And due to the speed planes can play around surface ships but surface ships can not play around planes as easily

On to my second point. Rocket planes, The envy of all Destroyer players and the most un-fun mechanic to play against since random detonations. At least with RTS Cv dropping DD’s Required skill timing. Not to mention you got one shot at it early game before all the AA cruisers got into position and or said DD was nuked by radar. Rocket planes on the other hand require almost no skill to damage destroyers or destroy there engine/rudder. Sure they do Less Alpha Damage overall than RTS CV (that had to use torpedo planes) but you get multiple waves/attempts not to mention they are more consistent, because try dodging rockets


And when you add up multiple waves of let's say Midway Rockets (Tiny Tims) that do 4000-5000 average damage (With some salvos going as high as 8000 damage) per wave coupled with a ship in this case Shimakaze with 17 900 hit points, a Cv is Capable of knocking off a quarter of the ships Hit Points AND damaging modules that will make a second attack run much easier. With all of this damage being unavoidable for the shima player.

With that logic is really easy to see why DD mains hate them so much.

So to conclude rocket planes, I feel Wargaming Added them as they needed to add something to the CV sandbox when removing player controlled fighter planes. To prevent the player base crying (that didn't stop them anyway)

Staying with the DD mains. Did i mention that a Carrier undermines their role. And counters them completely. As they will normally play closer toward the enemy to torpedo and spot them and more importantly will be the first to the objective and play it.

And the team that wins the initial DD Fight and cap the objective is more likely to win but a CV coupled with Radar from a cruiser normally results in a dead destroyer that had almost no impact in a game and more importantly you think they had fun?

Playing the class the correct way?

Being killed by a class they cannot fight back against, apart from dropping smoke and hoping they do not get radar’d in return

So i want to mention one other thing. So Wargaming nerf CV damage into the ground. That will balance them right?


This will just make them woefully under powered, and really unfun to play. This problem is already huge at Tier 4. Planes are really slow and your damage is pitiful in contrast to higher tiers. Now imagine if the higher tier CV’s had similar traits to the Tier 4 Carriers Slow planes that do no damage and can really only spot. Ie forcing CV into a sole support role that only spots and does almost no damage. I would guarantee no one would play them

What CV desperately needs to help Balance them is CV vs CV game play. Ie player controlled Fighter squadrons.

I feel this mechanic being reintroduced would help a lot. As more depth to CV game play would be welcomed as a CV would be able to protect there destroyers and other high value target ships. And i feel that the RTS style Strafe would work perfectly for fighters in the rework (With some tweaks of course)

So to finally conclude all of my Points

No Cv won't be balanced simply due to the way it messes with games map design. And Nerfing there damage and or spotting would just make them under powered and irrelevant

Rocket planes hard counter the DD without a way for them to outplay them

Honestly i could write a thesis on the CV class as a whole within this game.

PS. If you do not agree don't be a shit head and face roll on your keyboard provide an argument : )


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