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CVs and Saving Stars in ranked

WorldOfWarships3 - CVs and Saving Stars in ranked

Hi All,

As part of this ranked season I decided to keep a bit of a log of activity of the games to see how these turned out to see if there was any interesting quirks and to keep track of what I was doing / progressing. With this season having CVs and Rental at Tier 10, I think it was pretty obviously going to be painful

As we all know, ranked (or smaller randoms) can be a real grind fest with the current design, with a heavy focus on saving stars as a means of star creation.

E.g. a player with 50% WR with no stars saved does not (on average) progress further. Their progress is about the same as a player with a 46% WR and a 14.8% save star rate (e.g Win 46, lose 54 but save 8 stars).

Some observations (across 366 games):

329 games had a CV present (89.8%)

CV saved star in 171 of those games (e.g 52% rate)

The equivalent save star rate across the respective classes given the number of ships in each of these battles were the following:

BB: 9.6%

CA: 7.8%

DD: 3.2%

E.g. the CV save star rate is 5 times higher than in a BB or 17 times higher than in a DD. Looking at the DD save star rate across CV versus non CV games, this number changes to 1.8% for games with a CV (6 out of 329) versus 8.1% (3/37) in Non CV games (this is a small sample). I have used the average rate in the calculations below:

So in order to progress by 1 star per hundred battles (per class) this would equate to the following expected win rates


CV: 33.1%

BB: 47.9%

CA: 48.3%

DD: 49.7%

Progressing by 10 stars per 100 battles

CV: 39.2%

BB: 52.6%

CA: 53.0%

DD: 54.3%

So a CV with a sub 40% WR can have the same expected progress as a DD with a 54% WR in ranked.

Progressing by 20 stars per 100 battles

CV: 46.0%

BB: 58.0%

CA: 58.4%

DD: 59.3%

This is why you can have a CV rank out with a 45% Win Rate relatively quickly


I am reasonable player having ranked out in 3 full seasons, I have also played all the previous seasons (at least to some degree). Last season I ranked out in about 160 games. My solo WR is around 54% and I play on SEA server. This felt to be the most frustrating season of ranked and a real step backwards from the last season. I personally really enjoyed the Arms Race mode as it made the game far more dynamic battles. This felt more cancerous than usual.

All thing being equal, with 7 players, you would have 14.2% chance of saving a star in a given game (e.g . 1 in 7 – excluding draws). Clearly ranked is NOT very equal between classes.

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