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CVs and Stats to Date with BB comparison for above average players

WorldOfWarships7 - CVs and Stats to Date with BB comparison for above average players

Just another discussion generating post. I have noticed now on both sides CV players and non CV players complaining about "how broken" or "how not broken" CVs are in the game along with mentions of Unicum CV high skill ceiling. With that said, I hadn't seen any stats put up and decided to take a preliminary look at the stats for CVs and their above average players.

I am posting this as a discussion about CVs and their overall stats, not commenting on how they "feel" to play against or as. This is intended to give more information for the ongoing flame war debate about CVs and their place in the game. With all that said here is what I have done:

I have taken the Avg Dmg and winrate for all of the 0.8.0 Carriers for the top 50% and 10% players from WoWS numbers on the NA server. I then did the same thing for same tier BBs (both are captital ships) and put them all in one table to make it easy to look at:

a41qso6vv9o21 - CVs and Stats to Date with BB comparison for above average players

Pertinent Info

Note that this includes all of the rollercoaster data from all hotfixes since 0.8.0 so this means; obviously these CV numbers should be higher than actual *current* performance as CVs ran rampant on release *stares at Hak*, but even taking these numbers at face value, we see a basic trend at the upper tiers of the game:

  • In general, same tier CVs out perform their BB counterparts by -only- a little bit by WG standards. Having a slightly higher avg dmg (~5-8k for T8, too close to call at T10) and WR (~2% better at both tiers for all sets of players)

Again this includes stats from the golden days (0.8.0 pre-hotfix) so some of these numbers are slightly higher than actual numbers at the current setup.


Now before people proclaim "Trackstar557, this data is unusable because of X" where X is some reason along the lines of "not current data", "not my server", or any other reason, I am putting this here to give SOME context. I am not claiming that this data is the gospel or what WG should use to balance CVs on. All I AM SAYING is that this data is useful in a general sense of looking at where CVs fall since the 0.8.0 rework in relation to BBs. This data is meaningful in that sense, to put some numbers out there for when people say "unicums are too good in CVs" this data can be used to describe overall since 0.8.0 the general trend.

What do you guys think? Has this changed your perception of CVs and unicum performance? Personally, I didn't think CVs would be this close at unicum levels and thought they would be higher relative to their BB counterparts based on how people here talk about unicum CV performance. Overall I think numbers wise, CVs are almost there, its just the "feeling" and perception of playing as/against them that they have always struggled with is the problem right now.

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