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CVs. Could the almost insane plane speeds be a big part of the problem in balancing them?

WorldOfWarships5 - CVs. Could the almost insane plane speeds be a big part of the problem in balancing them?

World of Warships has in its history made a lot of sacrifices that drop realism for the sake of fun. One of those things sacrificed is the way that distance is scaled. This affects everything in the game that has to do with speed and travel times. I think though that in case of CVs this is coming to bite WG and us players in the ass.

Here is an old post discussing the way distance and speed scale :

Therefore, using Scale = "real" distance / displayed distance, the scale can be found to be approximately 0.19. (an addendum: using an average speed of 25 knots, I calculated a scale of 0.156; using 35 knots, I calculated 0.221). That is to say, all distances are actually around 1/5 of what the game shows.

So my question is how much effect does this all have on the way that planes interact with the ships in the game? Lets do some rough dirty math ourselves. I will be using the sample video below for reference. Credit for the video goes to
aerroon - CVs. Could the almost insane plane speeds be a big part of the problem in balancing them?

/u/aerroon of course who was playing the Midway.

Example video:

At the 0:18 mark the bombers are 5.5km away from the Yammi At the 0.28 mark the bombers are 0.5km away from the Yammi when they are directly above it.

Lets drop the .5 km from both numbers to keep in theme with the dirty math.


That leaves 5 km of travel in 10 seconds or a plane speed of 500 meters per second. According to google that is 1 800 Km/h or Mach 1.5. Compare that to the reported average speed in that attack run of about 180 kts which equals 333.00 Km/h. At which that approach should have taken 53.99 second.

Just to compare our own maths to the old post 333 / 1800 = puts me at a scale of .185 which is very close to that of the old post of .19 Allowing for the dirty and imprecise measurements I took it makes the scale factors match pretty closely .

What does this all mean though? I think it effectively means that the way planes interact with the ships is the same as 1940s ships fighting cold war jet fighters / naval bombers that can somehow drop their ordnance at greater then mach speeds.

Solutions ? I don't know if there is a solution to this. But maybe plane speed should scale differently? I don't think we should scale the planes too far from where the ships are at but there is a big big difference between planes spending a minute or 10 seconds in a ships AA range. Slower planes would also significantly increase the effectiveness and usability of some kind of manually controlled AA component rather then just Auras.

Food for thought.

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