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CV’s killed my clan once, and now CV’s in CB’s finished it off

WorldOfWarships3 - CV's killed my clan once, and now CV's in CB's finished it off

My clan was an extremely active clan with a large very active group of people and from the very first CB season we always had atleast 2 full teams running, but after the CV rework about 30% of our clan quit the game completely and only 1 has come back. Now this isn't unique to my clan but the mood in the clan went from extremely happy and positive to almost a toxic pit of anger and frustration, and it isn't strictly CV's but just that not a single person I know has hope for the game and it's future. We all feel that the people making the choices at WG are at this point purposely killing the game for reasons we just cannot understand.

So after all of the change and fun being stripped away from the game we were still playing every single CB season with atleast 1 team and 1-2 people in reserve…. But that all changed with this season, when the news broke that CV's were going to be in this CB season we actually had 3 people decide that the game had no future and quit since the last bastion without CV's was dead. Now we as a clan decided to atleast try this season just to see if we could somehow just slog through it like we now have to slog through the current Meta in ransoms.


And this is where the death of my clan started, it took one game, one single game to break my clan and cause four out of the remaining 7 players we had left to uninstall and leave the clan. It started like basically every CB game this season, a Haku, 4 Stalin's and 2 Venezia's. At first we thought we might be able to deal with it but between the broken SAP, the haku slapping every ship we had for 25K continually every drop and the continuos spotting that meant you could turn or manuver because of all the stalin AP waiting and the never ending 12km radar it meant the game ended quickly and painfully.

I uninstalled the game this morning at it actually improved my mood right away, for the past 2 years WG have made decision after decision that stripped away not only what little fun was left in the game but have convinced me that the game simply does not have a future, atleast not for players that remember back when the game was at it's most fun.

I genuinely do hope that an entirely new Dev team come in to put the game back on track but I just don't see it happening considering how the Dev's openly talk shit about their community and tell their players they are retards and don't know what they are talking about.

If you still enjoy the game I am happy for you, and I wish I could find that spark again, and I want to still hold out hope that big positive change will happen but the cancer has just run too deep.

I will be deleting this Reddit account after 24 hours so go ahead and rip me to shreds in the comments, maybe I can get a laugh atleast.

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