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CVs plane return after attacking is still bugged

WorldOfWarships1 - CVs plane return after attacking is still bugged

I know that this will probably bring joy to most of you, but CVs still lose the majority of their planes after they drop their load and return.

If you’re not aware, there was a bug with the newest patch (which was hotfixed in a matter of hours, because CVs) which made you lose every torpedo-bomber on return (after dropping the torps) even against a single same-tier ship. And while it got better with the hotfix, its still a problem.

For example I tested it yesterday with a Enterprise. It was a T8 match, with some T6 and T7 ships in it. You know how OP Enterprise is and what such a matchmaking meant previously. And pretty early after I scouted everything I saw a primetarget: I spotted a lonely Kansas. Pre- patch there would not much that she could have done against a same-tier carrier, especially the OP Enterprise, she would have been doomed. Now, again: Im not saying this was good or anything, it simply was true. If a same-tier CV finds you, youre more or less toast – even with good AA.

So back this Kansas: I attacked with rockets first to shatter some AA and maybe set a fire. I lost some planes before attacking, which is intended for sure – Im attacking an American BB afterall. But even the fast rocket planes didn’t made it up into the sky after the drop. I always pre-drop once or twice, attack with 9 or 6 planes and send the remaining planes back immediately at the start of the game. Doing this always preserved my planes well for the late-game. You could do this even against higher-tier ships, if its by itself. However, the Kansas in this case not only killed the 3 planes from the attacking squad after the drop, it also killed the last squad I immediately called back. And this is definitely new.


I attacked again with torps and it was the same thing. The torps-bombers couldn’t return after dropping on a single Kansas. It actually almost de-planed me to attack a single ship of the same tier repeatingly. Now Im a good player in CVs (61% WR, about 100k average for T8 CVs, grinded all lines) and I know for sure that this wasn’t the case before the patch. Especially the Enterprise had very tanky torp-bombers (Im using Alexander Ovechkin with 19 points, which has improved SE, and slotted the torp-bomber health upgrade as well). Thats why I used this for the testing. Of course I did more than this one round, and the results are the same.

Note that Im not whining, judging or anything. Maybe this nerf is good for the game-balance. Im a DD main, I learned CVs because they frustrated me such much that I was about to quit. I just wanted to put that out there, because its a very, very substantial change (nerf) if this is intended. Before the patch an Enterprise in a T8 match was super-OP. You could play careless and still dont run out of planes – now even with careful play you cannot attack a single same-tier battleship without running out of torp-bombers. And this is huge and at least has to be stated.

What are your experiences with this? Same results? I noticed that its slightly better on T10 CVs, its pretty inconsistent. But especially Enterprise is hard right now

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