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Daring Guide, Make Her Your Darling

WorldOfWarships3 - Daring Guide, Make Her Your Darling

This is a Daring guide targeted toward high level solo players. I am Doiphin_Princess on NA and the current top Daring player. 61 of the 80 games are solo with pretty much identical stats to div. This guide will be separated into two sections, first being things that everyone should know about Daring, regardless of playstyle, while the second part I will talk about my playstyle specifically. The reason for this is that not only is the play style I am about to introduce extremely risky, but it requires an immense amount of mechanical skills to pull off as well as drawing hate from the enemy team. Needless to say, big emphasis on “high level” here, a half-hearted attempt without a pure dedicated 19-point captain will result in a 3 minute back to port.


General Knowledge of the Daring


You need IFHE


IFHE isn’t a “good” choice on Daring, it is an absolute necessity. Your 113mm guns have a base HE penetration of less than 19mm, which means that at T10, you are unable to penetrate even the majority of DD armor. 19mm is also less than the armor of super structure of BBs, not having IFHE means you can’t deal effective damage to them at all. Some may argue that Daring, with its “special” AP, can make up for it and one can get away without IFHE by simply playing it like a Minotaur but that is, well, to put it politely, non-sense. As I will explain below:


Daring: AP vs HE Pictures Here


Against CVs: This one is fairly straight forward, you always want to fire HE first and force out the DCP so you can light another fire 30 seconds later as fires prevent the CV from being able to fight back. AP only when the enemy CV is broadside at close range and only if he is in his 30 second DCP duration. Never use AP against CVs with armored flight decks such as Taiho/Hakuryu/Midway.


Against BBs: As you can see in the first picture, with 150 shell hits AP has done 50k to HE’s 30k. that is 66.7% more damage per shell. This is a test done at 9km against a broadside Yamato. Keep in mind that Daring have an AP alpha of 2100 and HE alpha of 1700. Assuming the same amount of penetrations AP should theoretically do 23.5% more damage instead of 66.7%. The reason behind this is due to Yamato (and other BB’s upper belt) below the super structure. If you fire HE and hit the upper belt it will shatter whereas AP against 32mm upper belt have a good chance of penetration. However, this advantage quickly diminishes as the range increases to 12km, as seen in the second picture. This time, if the enemy BB is further away or is slightly angled, AP will be much more likely to shatter and bounce dealing 0 damage for hits to the upper belt, much like HE. Thus, the damage to the BBs in these two scenarios became to what is normally expected of AP/HE alpha ratio is 23.5%. The takeaway here is to fire AP only if the enemy BB is broadside and medium and close range and only if the BB’s super structure is already on fire / immune to fire due to DCP. This isn’t much different from other DDs, keep in mind that realistically, a moving BB will likely change its angle and any AP shells missing the vulnerable parts of the BB will be useless whereas HE can potentially start fires on bow and stern with dispersed shells at range.


Against CA/CLs: Even the thinly armored cruisers like Worcester have armors of 25mm. Even with IFHE Daring only have 24.4mm of HE penetration. The only cruisers where Daring can deal significant damage to is the RN CLs but even then, the super heal will negate most of your damage. Daring can do significant damage to a broadside cruiser when given the opportunity, but the general rule of thumb is that if the cruiser isn’t forced broadside then its best to keep it spotted for your team to shoot.


Against DDs: This is the target I want to talk the most about. And I want to put an end to this myth that “Daring should fire AP at broadside DDs”. First let’s look at the 3rd picture, HE against a Shimakaze, taking a total of 44 hits to take down a Shima. Now compare it to the 4th, which is against a broadside Shima at 5.5km (the range that you would be detecting and engaging a Shima), 41 hits. The 5th picture shows the near optimal angle to engage a Shima allowing for more pens and sinking it in 39 hits. Finally, the last picture shows AP against a decently angled Shima taking 85 hits before sinking.


There is a clear difference between fighting DDs and fighting BBs. When you fight BBs, your AP can have a greater multiplier than your HE, such as penning the 32mm armor for 0.3x instead of shatter for 0x. However, with IFHE Daring have 24mm pen, which is enough for all DD plating except Khaba. This means as you fire, HE you will always get at least a 0.3x per hit, where as AP can overpen for 0.1x or bounce for 0x. In other words, even under the absolute optimal situation, where every single AP penetrates, the only difference you will get is the difference in alpha, namely 2100/1700 or 23.5% more. If your target is broadside, you will be scoring some overpens, compensating for the extra alpha damage from AP. And if the enemy DD knows how to angle, your AP will fail because you do not have overmatch. HE will also disable modules much more frequently than AP, either that is fires to keep the enemy DD lit or engine damage for easier subsequent hits. The times where you see Daring evaporate an enemy DD with AP is due to Daring’s DPM, HE would had done the exact same thing, with much more consistent results.

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To summarize, unless you are fighting a broadside Khaba, you should always be firing HE against DDs in Daring because if the enemy DD is potato and remains broadside, you will do similar damage. If the enemy DD angles HE will be far more effective (remember that even if you swap to HE when he angles, that 1 wasted salvo of 6 shells is more than enough to make the difference between 44 and 41). The only time you should ever fire AP against a non-broadside Khaba is if you had started at an optimal angle, against a AFK DD, and you somehow need to kill him 2 second faster (with 5 less shells or 1 salvo)……yeah.


Daring is not a hybrid


Daring’s torpedoes are a lot like Grozovoi’s, they are there when you need it. But you should never try to force yourself in a situation in an attempt to use them. The torpedo damage is alright at 16.7k alpha but the torpedo reload is at a painfully long 2 minutes. Adding onto the fact that you do not have captain points to spear for TAE nor can you favor TTM3 over MBM3, there is no realistic way to lower the reload apart from AR. But perhaps the biggest nail in the coffin for these torpedoes is their short range of 10km, and at that distance the Daring is very susceptible to being spotted by catapult planes and radar, as well as screening DDs. The Daring is a painfully slow DD with no speed boost consumable and if caught by, say a DM, it has no realistic way to disengage out of its radar range and thus will suffer a full duration radar once caught. Do not try to full stealth torpedo BBs your guns are far more effective, do not try to torpedo DDs in an open engagement as you lose DPM if you don’t constantly fire with your insane reload (Daring also have horrible torpedo angles). That is not to say Daring’s torpedoes are useless. Situations will come up where they become useful. Such situations include:


  • When the enemy DD smokes to escape from you, torpedo the smoke
  • When you are being charged by an enemy BB, form a very narrow spread with single fire
  • When you find a cruiser behind an island, single fire torps at the edge of the island


Making Use of Your Unique Smoke



One of the main strengths of Daring is of course the low cooldown of smokes, as I talked about in my previous guide, this has 2 main uses. The first being that it allows you to win trade over time against other DDs, as you will have your smoke reloaded much faster than they will, the second being the sheer power of repositioning. Daring have floaty arcs, but thanks to the extremely mobile smoke it can constantly move to effective range before smoking up, and never have to commit to a single smoke unlike the Gearing. This smoke combines very well with Daring’s extremely high fires/minute. Daring can reach 10% fire chance with DE and fire signals even with IFHE penalty, at a rate of 3 shells per second. This means Daring can light multiple fires then wait for the DCP and its period to end to smoke up again and dish out the burn, where as BBs may save their DCPs till they exit the effective range of the smoke against other DDs like Harugumo, they cannot ever escape the chains of smokes from the Daring.


Doom Snail Map Control Playstyle


This is the second part of the guide where I talk about how I made my Daring work, and of course I will first explain why I choose this playstyle for the ship and how I find success with it.


As I talked about before, the Daring is not a torpedo boat nor a hybrid, and for a gun boat it really lacks the versatility that the Grozovoi, Khaba and Harugumo offers. The Grozovoi have amazing AP and can citadel cruisers at concealment range, the Khaba can open water gun against cruisers without having to worry much about receiving return damage, the Harugumo with 32mm pen can straight up fight cruisers. The Daring however, have horrible AP pen with its small caliber guns and cannot penetrate cruisers with HE that the Harugumo can and is too slow to dodge return fire, this leaves it very vulnerable to being zoned by enemy cruisers with little retaliation power. Thus, a conventional gun boat style is simple inferior to the other gun boats. Additionally, because the Daring requires IFHE, taking CE on top triggers the 19-point dilemma and forces players to either sacrifice survivability or firepower.


For a reference, a SE SI Daring have an effective HP of 24,300+292(10)(3) or 33,060. One without would have 20,800+250(10)(2) or 25,800, that is 22% less HP and 1 less smoke. Alternatively, sacrificing BFT and DE would lead to 10% less DPM and 28% less burn probability. As someone that craves combat, giving up these is simply too much. Of course, having a 6.6km concealment is nothing like that of Grozovoi, it is a major disadvantage due to 3 reasons. The first being that Grozovoi is fast and can come from an unsuspecting angle to assassinate the enemy DD by quickly closing in the distance. Daring is the slowest DD and the gap in concealment is absolutely painful. Secondly, Grozovoi have Russian arcs of balans, this means that even at 6.6km Grozovoi can easily score hits at the enemy DD and the longer the engagement range, the more Grozovoi is favored. However, this cannot be said for the Daring as its shell arcs are lazy like the USN and at 6.6km the effective DPM starts to quickly diminish. Finally, if a Daring is caught by a surprise it can’t get away.

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Solution? If flanking in Daring doesn’t work, then straight up the middle it is. Yup, the optimal playstyle I found is to simply charge into the middle of the map taking map control then doom snail my way to victory. Now before you throw your pitchforks at me please let me explain first. The idea of this playstyle is to force the enemy to come to you, negating the shell arc weakness. If enemy ships are moving toward you your torpedoes also becomes extremely effective. I do not try to use my torpedoes as a 2×5 but rather 10×1 against BBs and CAs pushing in. Firing a torpedo every 15 seconds on the white line. What I am hoping for is not necessarily alpha damage but to slow him down and a possible single torpedo on the bow for the flooding, as he will die quickly in a ball of fire once DCP is down. I can also save a few for point blank if needed depending on his HP. So instead of going around A and C caps that I normally do in Grozovoi and Khaba, I go inbetween A and B cap or B and C cap with Daring. (Yeah I am still not touching the caps, sorry) With Daring’s amazing fire chance I zone every ship away with the stream of fire and kill any ship that pushes in toward me. With 8 smokes I have the first half of the game under control consistently positioning with each smoke depending on the enemy aggression and the position of enemy radar cruisers. With the first 2 heals I have 30k hp to take shots fired at my smoke as well as damage I take inbetween smokes. Daring will have a 26 second smoke downtime inbetween, if stealth is not possible, I simply stay put and when shells are fired use my acceleration to dodge. I only have to dodge a single BB salvo as my smoke will be reloaded before the reload. Timing on the deceleration is critical, if the enemy is a fast reloading BB like Repub/Yamato along with AR, then I would wait until after the second salvo before decelerating. Remember that Daring doesn’t have good deceleration and its blatantly obvious when slowing down, those are the moments where Daring is most susceptible to damage.


Finally, this tactic works quite well against enemy DDs. This is by baiting them using the Daring heal. After taking chunks of damage from BBs and CAs, the I often find myself in the red. However, while Daring’s heal is less powerful than that of Kidd/RU DDs, it has 1 major advantage, and that is the rate of heal. While normal heals take 28 seconds to recover their full amount, the Daring heals 2920 HP in just 10 seconds, that is a much faster rate than other DDs. This is excellent bait to enemy DDs who thinks a 5k hp Daring at 6.6km is an easy kill, and soon to regret with 1.6 second reload AR of pain. Remember the Shimakaze? That was sunk in 44 shells with HE from full HP, with 1.6 second reload that is under 12 seconds, your DPM is amazing and it catches players off guard all the time.


Of course, this playstyle has many drawbacks. The first being the map, you cannot do this in maps like Loop, Shatter, and, of course, two brothers (for the love of god don’t). The second being times where the enemy radar cruiser REALLY wants you dead, like the Buffalo in the video who ran thru the middle of the map to radar me and along with the CV spotting, had he been a Worcester or Des Moines, my life would have come to a halt. The third being that sometimes the enemy DD just simply doesn’t want to engage you, the ones who just want to keep you spotted for an eternity can certainly do so with a decent buffer and superior speed. Therefore I don’t average 200k in Daring because there are plenty of times where I got caught by a surprise play, but I find it worth the risk overall. Play it right and zone the enemy away for 73% Win Rate is pretty good.


Captain Skills


PM/AR/SE/SI/DE/BFT/IFHE for my build and play style.


For a more general and passive play style I would recommend the skills in the following order: PM->AR->BFT->IFHE->CE are your essential skills, follow it up by SE and if you want 20 second reloading smokes go with JoAT otherwise if you cannot handle the pressure wants to be more safe then you can invest into LS.



  • Main battery Mod 1 (You are a DD, your turrets and torpedoes get incapacitated a lot)
  • Propulsion mod 1 (Keep your engines up)
  • Aiming Mod 1 (Your need to strike the SS to deal damage)
  • Steering mod 2 (You can not equip the propulsion mod, no mini DM allowed)
  • Concealment mod
  • Main battery mod 3 (You are not a hybrid)


I would like to conclude by saying my play style for Daring is quite…Daring


Thanks for reading

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