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Data Analysis of Survey Results

WorldOfWarships1 - Data Analysis of Survey Results

Hello, everyone. I’m here with some analysis of the data that we’ve received. Please note that this does not mean we are making any changes, however, it is definitely something for us to consider. I will be including links for a few follow-up surveys to determine support for some commented-on points. Here are the charts that I will be referring to during this post.

People are pretty ambivalent over this stuff, it seems. We don’t have a ton of responses overall, (only 285 from a subreddit of nearly 90,000) but it’s still nice to see any information we can get. Because of this, I’m going to speak mostly about the extremes on the charts, although I should note that with the exception of the “tightening the toxicity rule” chart, neutral/unsure was the most popular option, generally by a large amount.

Overall, people felt that the rules were a little loose. (16.7% of responses) However, the number of people who thought they were too loose was smaller than the number of people who felt they were too strict. From what I can tell from this, including the people who were neutral, we’ve actually got a fairly well accepted set of rules as of right now. This response changes however, as we go through each rule individually.

People on the whole (discounting neutral responses) thought we were too strict on scorecards. It’s interesting that this graph plays out the way it does, as the number of free responses asking us to ban scorecards was certainly something. Further research into this is required, so if you have a spare few seconds, please fill out this survey.

People also thought we were too strict on memes, although this one was again, heavily argued in the free response section with some people saying that we should ban memes entirely, others saying we should have a separate subreddit for memes, and some saying that we should relax the rules on memes entirely, and let people post whatever they want. I will not have a survey for you on this one, as it warrants more internal discussion before I conduct polling.

By a fairly substantial amount, people thought we were too loose on the toxicity rule. However, this contrasts interestingly, because when asked if we should tighten the rule, people by and large answered no. Please give us more information! We had some comments about particular phrases that should be banned on the subreddit, we’d love to hear more about that! As before, the survey link is here.

With regards to self promotion: A dead tie, in the number of people who thought it was a little loose/a little strict. However, a little over twice the number of people thought it was too loose than strict. Further investigation is required, although with regards to relaxing them – there is a site-wide self-promotion policy, and we’re currently a little laxer than in. We really don’t want to be a self-promotion feed, but at the same time, it’s recognized that people in the community want to see content. Please let me know what kind of content you envision people sharing in this survey.


The EULA rule is fairly clear. People don’t really have an issue with it… moving on…

Now entering the lovely land of free response questions! People lodged some fairly offensive comments in here as well, so any of those will just be ignored, and really, if you’re spending time doing that, why did you even bother to fill out the survey? Did you think you could troll us through the form? Mysteries abound…

The BIGGEST ask I saw in there was banning paid lootbox content. That’s going to be asked about here so please go fill that out so we know the percentage of y’all who support that. Personally, I happen to think it’s an excellent idea, and I’ll make sure to push discussion of it internally. A few other interesting takes that should be noted include a large collection of resources for new players, and an automod feature to automatically remove the “should I get Georgia or Pommern” threads, as they show up two to three times a day. We’re looking into how best to implement that, and may be asking some of y’all to submit some content so that we can get a good balance of opinions on the matter. If you’d be interested in that, please leave a comment in this thread so that we can tally up the number of people who would be willing to help keep that information up to date/get the information together in the first place.

One thing that I saw in the “new rules” free response: “WoWS Legends content should be banned.” It is already, if you see it, please report it under rule 11 so that it can be removed. Cheers.

Paid lootboxes – the point comes up again. We will look into it, and please fill out the survey linked above.

An interesting idea that came up in the free response section was “require that a description be attached to every image in the comments.” The Paradox subreddits do it. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

People’s feelings about the subreddit range from the sad to the “whatever” to the “I like it where it is.” Some highlights though, include people saying that they wish there were more discussion threads, and that when one is started that it doesn’t get downvoted/not upvoted, while memes shoot up to the front page and stay there for a bit. I wish I had an answer to that other than “the algorithm inherently causes that,” but I don’t. Also, New Reddit encourages image-based content vs discussion threads, as it shows a full image while scrolling through, and shows text as well – one is a lot more engaging immediately opposed to the other. I’d be willing to guess that most people participating in discussion threads use Old Reddit.

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read through my text-wall, and answer the surveys. You’re helping to improve your community.

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