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DD ambush vs CV with new spotting: video, numbers, and conclusions.

WorldOfWarships4 - DD ambush vs CV with new spotting: video, numbers, and conclusions.

tl;dr Conclusion at the end, example video here used for reference:



So I mentioned a DD strategy recently in a post of mine where you keep your AA off until planes get close in a DD and then turn AA on when they get 3km or so away forcing them not to have an attack run and eat AA for a minimum of almost 9km of fly time if they try to run or about 10 if they try to turn around and attack. But they are too close to make the attack run on you correctly if you turn on AA at the proper time:


I got some pushback from a few folks saying "but that's low tier that's different". So I found a good example of what it looks like in high tier play. I have a video here today showing what it looks like in practice in a Gearing vs a Midway courtesy of Notser. Draw your own conclusions based on the video and the breakdown I've provided below.


First lets talk about how the choices Notser made here that didn't give him full effectiveness vs the bombers:

  • He doesn't sector switch when it's obviously plane they will fly out of his sector and ends up having the bombers in his weak sector the entire time.

  • He STILL doesn't sector switch when they pass him by him, he's chosen to focus the fighters likely scared of the spotting despite the fact he's going to be spotted as long as his AA is on and firing.

  • He has no AA modules and his only AA skill is BFT. With the flak module he'd have more flak and with Manual AA he'd have 4 second switch times and 180% AA strength instead of 150%.


Now let's talk about the effect:

  • We can see at the end of the run he did 17,789 aircraft damage from that one ambush alone. But that includes fighter damage so we need to account for that.

  • We see that 433 ticks kills 1 fighter plane and 866 kill 2 in the video. So lets assume 433 hp is one fighter even though the hp is likely less. I counted 7 fighters so that's 3,031 AA damage to wipe the fighter.

  • This leave the damage done vs the bombers at 14,758 damage despite being incorrectly sectored for them the entire time.

  • Midway Bombers have 2,160 HP per bomber baseline and have 12 in a squadron for 25,920 hp collectively.

  • In the Gearing DD Using DFAA but without manual AA and incorrectly sectored Notser did 56.93% of the squadrons HP. Had he been properly sectored and with manual AA the squadron 100% would have been completely wiped out and there is nothing the CV could have done about it.

  • DFAA in T10 is a 200% buff to constant damage and flak for DDs. Notser was doing 50% instead of 150% damage due to being incorrectly sectored. This means the damage he did in this video with DFAA up should be relatively close to properly sectored damage with DFAA down.



tl;dr Conclusions:

  • A Gearing without AA build is able to critically wound or fully down a full bomber squadron from stealth when properly sectored without using DFAA.
  • Gearing can fully wipe full bomber squadron from stealth when properly sectored and using DFAA.
  • When toggling AA off/on properly planes don't spot you until the absolute last second, which is too close to strike you and so there is no retaliation possible when done right.
  • Without surface ships to spot a DD like this the DD can completely shut down CVs in the area they are in with no counterplay available to the CV itself other than to avoid wherever the DD may be.
  • This effect would be even more dramatic if you were supporting an ally as an invisible escort ship in a picket position, IE a few Km forwards between them and where planes would be coming from. This traps them in overlapping AA auras before they know they are in any trouble.


I have feelings about this, strong ones, but I'm going to keep them out of the main post. I've tried to relay the situation as accurately as possible with you being able to view the video and be able to verify the numbers and points I've made.

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