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DDs turn your AA off

WorldOfWarships7 - DDs turn your AA off

Hi guys,

I'm here with a word of friendly advice for DDs. I've played a lot of CVs at high tiers, and I've made some findings in my numerous DD murder sprees.

DD air detection usually runs from 2.5-3 km. High tier DD AA spans 5-6km in range. The moment a DD's AA starts shooting at my squadron, the DD is spotted. The second the DD turns its AA off, I cannot spot it unless I am within spotting distance. Staying within 2.5km of a moving DD is pretty tough, but sometimes I can manage to do it. However, striking them with rockets requires about 3.5-4km of a lineup to get the attack off.

Here's the typical situation I hate to encounter: DD gets spotted by me within 2.5km. By then, it's too late for me to react and engage it. I then have to fly by, turn around and try to line up my shot (mind you that T10 cv rocket planes can't maneuver much once aiming). However, smart DDs have turned their AA off. This means that I need to line up my shot without being able to see them. I'm often left trying to guess where they are before lining up my shot. Sometimes I miss entirely. Sometimes I get a hit or two. I CAN PROMISE YOU that I will do a lot less damage and spotting to you if your AA is off when you aren't hard-spotted. Now HE DBs are a totally different story that I won't get into because of the upcoming nerfs.


Some of you may be wondering why not trying to kill the planes is a better idea. Unless you're an AA specced DD, you aren't going to effectively shoot down my planes by yourself. It also allows me to get my strikes off quickly and accurately because I can see what you're doing the entire time. I'll also get an initial spot a lot sooner.

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There are some caveats. Below are some tips to be even more effective:

If I drop fighters over you, turn your AA on. You can shoot them down a lot quicker than my rocket planes.

If I am hard spotting you, turn your AA on to get some damage in. Turn it off immediately after I have left the hard-spotting range.

If I'm turning around to line up a strike and you are no longer spotted, turn. Move unpredictably. I have to commit to a direction based on my guess of where you are. If I guessed wrong, then I've missed my shot and need to do it all over again. If this persists, I might give up on you entirely.

DISCLAIMER: This is not the end-all be all. These are my findings. CV spotting is still an issue. This will not fix all of your problems. This is solely intended to help DDs in a 1v1 against high tier rocket planes.

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