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Deadeye explained and why it is so OP

WorldOfWarships7 - Deadeye explained and why it is so OP

So, after seeing the dispersion ellipse post here, I started digging and calculating how much of an effect deadeye has.

So, why is Deadeye such an OP skill? Let's do something the balans department definitely forgot: Math

I will be using a simplified version since the actual calculations of an area of ellipse are just constants*area of a rectangle. Constants are the same due to reductions in both dispersion types (Scaling the area), which means I only need to calculate the rectangular area (Which I multiply by the dispersion constant due to Dazzle (same multiplier, just +%) changing both vertical and horizontal dispersion.

Now, onto the math. (Note that high dispersion zone, high sigma ships will benefit somewhat more in my estimates due to the shells having a tendency to go towards the center more and the reduction in zone size thus being slightly more relevant to how close they stick)

No Aiming Systems mod.1 vs. ASM1 + deadeye. Here the calculations seem simple, right? 1:0.9 dispersion. Wrong. We have to square the numbers to get area (Why it works is explained above). So it's 1*1 : 0.9*0.9==1 : 0.81 Yes, a 19% improvement. Already kind of broken, no?

Well, now we move onto a second part of this calculation: Relative improvement when both ships have Aiming Systems. Here, the calculation luckily remains relatively simple due to the modifiers being additive (As seen while you spec secondary ships). So, you get 0.93*0.93 : 0.83*0.83== 0.8649 : 0.6889== 1 : 0.796508……. Over a 20% difference.

Oh wait, there's more. USN BBs. Arty plotting room 2. 0.89*0.89 : 0.79*0.79== 0.7921 : 0.6241 ==1: 0.7879….. Yeees, now we're getting over 21% difference in the dispersion circles


Oh wait, Legendary Yamato….. 0.7396 : 0.5776 == 1: 0.78096….. Almost 22%

So, final comparisons in sizes of dispersion zones (spreadsheeted so the balans dept understands):

/Without DeadeyeDeadeye
Aiming systems mod. 10.86490.6889
Main battery plotting room mod. 20.79210.6241
Legendary Yamato0.73960.5776

(Look at the Yamato dispersion!)

To give you an idea how INSANE this is: Legendary mod Yamato base horizontal dispersion @ 26.6km is: 204.1296m Deadeye legendary mod? 159.4176m. A SHIMAKAZE is 129.5m long.

Compare any two with Deadeye and without to see why it is such a broken skill. This is while the minimal secondary dispersion area went up by 4*4=16 times (This is using Mike Yankee Soisix for -5%, Secondary battery mod. 1 for -20% AND ManSec for -65/-35%) netting you a 0.1 : 0.4 ratio, which can be looked at as a 1 : 4 ratio.

Yeah, I want some of the stuff WG balans department is smoking.

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