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WorldOfWarships5 - Dear Wargamming

There has been much outrage at your recent actions. For example, the steel monsters campaign is uniformly seen as a terrible idea, as some see it as a hyperinflationary measure made by you to crash the steel market, while others feel that the missions, although great in nature by themselves, are too expensive. The carrier rework has been said to be too rushed or not a good idea at all, and the arsenal has been consistently called out for being a waste of thinking power for the sake of complexity. However, us players now see your actions take effect in the actual game, turning it into a disappointment on a revolutionary scale.

The Prinz Eitel Friederich, as everyone knows the ship as, has been heavily anticipated for a few months by now. It was well-advertised as an excellent ship for its tier, something that suits everyone's playstyles. That is all fine and dandy.

However, you stated that it would be included in a mission around a month before today, which generated even more hype. Suddenly, the players who wanted to buy the ship now saw their chance to earn the ship through what your community contributors (e.g. Notser or Flamu) or your website (I forget, but one of these) claimed would be easy enough to get even in the last week of the event. A certain sweet prospect for the holidays.

These players are to be sorely disappointed when they find out that the above is not achievable in any way whatsoever, and that there is a huge wall that appears at the very end of the event. Suddenly, people found out that the event required an unfathomable amount of dedication, a grand total of 24 million credits, which meant that all the excitement was for nothing. The people who stated this were lying. And we feel betrayed by that. We feel betrayed by you.

Plus, this credit-wall could only be passed in the last two week of the event, and 24 million is the type of credits that takes around 200 reasonable battles, And this is within 12 days, meaning that not only would the Missouri population would skyrocket, but most people would not be able to achieve this goal. Sure, you might say, just apply credit flags, but there is only so many, potentially dropping the amount to around 150 battles, but still, this is an optimistic estimate for all but the most dedicated players, and worse, it coincides with the pressures of school and work, both of which drain time away from conducting battles. 150 battles in 12 days means that one has to do 12 battles a day, or around three hours of gameplay a day, an amount not compatible with work and school. Now consider that some wake up at 2 to arrive at work at 9 because traffic is so heavy, this is not a feasible idea.

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Of course, most players do not have such long commutes to undergo, but a normal commute time and work time for a worker adds up to 9 hours. Sleep could be slightly more than 8, and sleeping for lower than 8 risks health consequences. So now, our average worker has 24 – 17 = 7 hours of free time, one which is spent eating, another going to bed. To add on to that, he or she might not necessarily have enough of the credit flags, nor might he or she be free of obligations during these 5 hours. There is just no way that one could binge 3 hours of World of Warships for 12 days straight, and it does become a tiring drudgery.

This is not the worst of your ideas, though. People have different tastes for ships, and those tastes are not necessarily conductive to this mission. For example, my brother primarily plays German battleships and French cruisers, and I primarily play destroyers and cruisers from the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany and sometimes France. On the other hand, someone might prefer United States battleships, and in order to get to the maximum credit-earning potential most people are going to have to start some line from scratch, which is not conductive to credit-earning either. And plus, they have to get used to a new play of style and enter tier 5, the tier known for terrible MM, quickly, or otherwise dying and thus not gaining nearly as much credits as I stated earlier. This is not healthy, either.

Of course, one could buy the Prinz for the small price of 33 dollars, except there's a ticking bomb behind that, too. At least here in the United States, the economy is starting to downturn, and likewise there is the real possibility of a depression. And surely enough, many people, as described above, think of this as a gift to the most dedicated and willing, not to the ones who have the most time, and so those who are dedicated try doing the missions only to find the aforementioned credit wall, while the undedicated do not pay. Many people see this as a money grab at one of the most uncertain times in recent economic history, which is not a good idea.

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All in all, via the Prinz Eitel Frederich missions, you are encouraging people to throw away their health and their lives for a ship that might not be worth it in the end (just kidding, it should be). You are clearly grabbing money when that money is better invested in keeping the economy afloat, forcing players who want to be rewarded for good play into a pay2win situation. This cannot continue, and if it does, we risk a clear cut in our numbers. All I could say is "Intolerable".

If you also think that this money-move is as insalubrious (unhealthy) to the game and to us as I think, you should upvote to demonstrate.

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