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Death Balling the META . . . To Death

WorldOfWarships2 - Death Balling the META . . . To Death

Let's talk about the META right now, how it has been influenced by Carriers. Carriers require some basic semblance of teamwork to counter their aircraft attack waves. The level of teamwork is questionable, as simply remaining near an allied ship doesn't require much coordination. However, what seems to be a growing trend is that every single ship thinks that they must stick very close together. While this does counter the carrier, it tends to be a stagnant tactic. Teams are seemingly corralled, often into corners of the map, and do not push for caps or secure any advantageous terrain. It's contributing to a lot of games that aren't fun and are completely one-sided. If you're unlucky enough to end up on one of these teams, a loss is a high probability. If you have some semblance of luck while being on one of these teams, the giant ball of players may move in a lemming train. Neither of these tactics are very good options, though they may occasionally work out when the other team does more bizarre things like self-sacrificing to the death ball one at a time.

While these types of games have always existed, there is no doubt that the emergence of the reworked Carriers has contributed to the probability of a team engaging in a death ball tactic. This method of play is beyond great at countering aircraft carriers, there is no doubt. However, its a poor tactic in every other aspect of the game. Fear and a lack of understanding of the reworked carrier class seems to be the true issue here though because death balls are simply not required to counter the attacking aircraft.

So, here is a very simplified example of why the death ball is a complete and total overreaction to the existence of carriers in the match. On a brief side note, when a carrier is not in the match, I have no idea why this happens aside from the fear of taking damage or losing your ship, which is going to happen so just let it. You win some you lose some, back to the example.

Let's say a wave of planes has 1000HP, simplified numbers for the sake of the example, that is on its way to attack your ship. Your ship has continuous damage of 333 damage per second within both the close and medium rings of AA. As the planes enter to attack they take a reduction of 333 HP, 666 HP, and 999 HP while they attack and fly away. At this point, at least one plane should survive. Now, let us add an allied ship who's AA aura you share that does 333 damage per second as well, with both auras overlapping, the planes reduce by 666HP and then 1332 HP which exceeds the 1000 HP. All the aircraft are shot down, perhaps getting off a single attack, or maybe nothing at all. Now, let us stack an entire 12 player team in a death ball.

333 X 12 = 3996 continuous damage. That number nearly quadruples the damage needed to completely and entirely shoot down the planes. Yet, in this super basic example, two ships were able to do the same thing. We should consider that not all ships do 333 continuous damage with their auras and that at top tier aircraft have 20,000 hp. However, we also need to account for flak damage as it is not 100% avoidable, at least not by the average player though I doubt any player can dodge it all. This also doesn't factor in the AA sector bonus which let us say boosts the damage by 25%, which would boost the continuous damage to 416. We also haven't applied the flag that boosts AA, BFT, or used a defensive fire consumable. We should also consider the boosts to aircraft speed, armor, and HP granted by modules and captain skills as well. Regardless of all the fancy modifiers, this example shows that 12 players do enough damage to basically kill nearly 4 full squadrons of our example planes in one second without factoring flak damage.


Of course, it's not so clear cut in game, yet it's basically how it works. If we apply this basic examples logic to torpedo bombers much like Hakuryus, but simplified for the example, 4 aircraft drop 1 torpedo each with a 9,000 damage potential. Thus, a single attack out of the attack wave has a 36,000 damage potential which is pretty serious. However, we aren't factoring in torpedo bulge reduction, dodging the slow torpedoes or losing any planes before they drop. Now if our lone ship can't shoot down the 8 other planes, there is another 72,000 potential damage circling for another run. Yet, if we shoot down even 4 planes we've reduced that number to 36,000. Let us say our fictitious numbers Hakuryu is now deplaned with only 3 torpedo bomber available for launch. The potential damage for all torpedoes to hit is only 27,000 in total and in the attack wave itself. If we shoot down one more plane before the attack drops, it is down to 18,000. However, being that we now have 3 planes with 333.3 HP each, our total squadron health is now equal to our AA continuous damage aside from the 0.3. That means our lone ship cannot take down the planes itself within 1 or 2 seconds based on WG and how they round the decimal.

So what's the point of all this? Death balls are ruining the META. They are a gross over compensation for the presence of a carrier. Too often the giant 12 player death ball is far exceeding the amount of AA required to totally negate the aircraft's effectiveness when 4 ships working slightly together, as all it takes is staying close enough and moving in the same direction, could easily do the same. It also covered how once enough planes are lost, the carriers potency is reduced to next to nothing. Now, please understand I used some basic numbers and principles for my example for the sake of understanding. Yes, I could do all the research of how much each ship does or doesn't do and at what range with what modifiers but that's a lot of extra work to get this point across. I hope this gets the point across that death balling is a required meta to answer to a carrier, the effectiveness exceeds the carriers potential to do anything while negating every other aspect of play.

The bottom line is we don't need death balls, just a really small pinch of teamwork and pow, we can get back to playing somewhat more normally.

Finally, here is a link to WG's own video on how AA works just to assure you that this is the basis of how it all works:

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