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WorldOfWarships3 - Devs response

Some time ago u/vompat posted a discussion named " Correcting misinformation regarding secondary accuracy "

I reposted his findings to the Russian official forum . The topic got comments section disabled with the excuse of "will be back with a responce" from one of the devs (Sedoj_LV)

This is their responce: ( Translation corrections will look like this )

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay.

Updating the Commander's skills did not significantly affect the overall effectiveness of melee (refering to brawling) battleships, while reducing the accuracy of the secondary battery of all such ships. It is important to understand that we were not faced with the task of weakening the melee battleships relative to the rest of the battleships. At the same time, one cannot consider the effectiveness of a ship in close combat only on the basis of the effectiveness of secondary battery.

In the event that we had concerns that the overall efficiency of the ship would significantly drop, we made point balance changes, as was the case with the German battleships:

"German battleships VII – X: Increased secondary battery accuracy by 22.5%"

By changing the skill system, we gave ships additional options for leveling the commander for close combat. Now you have the opportunity to make an assembly (skill build) for a melee battleship, not relying solely on secondary battery, but, for example, on main battery guns and ship survivability.

At the same time, the addition of only new bonuses without some weakening of the old ones would lead to excessive efficiency of melee ships.


For example, using the skill “Melee Master”(-10% reload at sec range), you can improve the rate of fire of main guns in close combat. This swinging option(skill build) is well suited to French battleships, whose secondary battery, although it has a solid range, but most often does not inflict significant white damage, but now, due to skills, it can strengthen the main battery guns. In this case, it is not necessary to take the "Improved secondary aiming"(I think he is referring to man sec here) skill and you can spend points on further strengthening the main battery or survivability.

On the other hand, for battleships with an effective secondary battery, the "Improved Secondary Battery Targeting" skill will still be a good choice in combination with other secondary battery skills + other ship buffs of your choice.

Statistics show that despite the decrease in secondary battery accuracy for all battleships, the total damage of melee battleships has not undergone significant changes and remains within the normal range. In the future, we will continue to analyze the data, based on which we will consider the possibility of further updating the melee skills, if necessary. We plan to make the next major change in Commander skills in the fall. You can read more about this in the development blog:

To summarize : Same s~it different story

I would love to tell them where they're wrong and lying to us and ignoring our needs as a community and even somewhat lying to themselves…. but I kinda don't care anymore (Plus the comments are still disabled so "this is our truth comrade its the only truth you needed to listen to") It was fun while it lasted . Uninstalled. Gl Hf.

here is the link to the forum thread WOWs Ru Forum

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