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Did I make a mistake choosing the British BB line? Also general BB tips? Textwall ahead.

WorldOfWarships7 - Did I make a mistake choosing the British BB line? Also general BB tips? Textwall ahead.

New player here, I did play this game before but the UI of the main menu and store was too laggy for me to handle. Seems like they improved a little since. Haven't paid any IRL money on the game yet and I probably won't for now. I have about 13 days of premium time left and played 21.1 hours total. Most of that time went into shooting things but I spent some time with the upgrade system (both for ships and commanders) as well as customization though I mostly used the wiki to help determine what to do there.

Currently I'm at the Orion with the UK (still haven't sold off my elite Bellerophon yet) and I just started the Kawachi with the Japan. My other ships at the moment are from the USN, the Phoenix cruiser and the Wickes destroyer, I still haven't figured out what I wanted to do so far besides possibly reaching tier 5 BBs for the UK and possibly Japan (I heard that high tier ships are uneconomical to play for free but I'm not really sure what that entails).

Due to my low level and tier, I can really only seem to do co-op and randoms. Of the two, I do co-op about 60%-70% of the time, mostly because I'm unsure if I can reliably take on other players but also because it seems like randoms at this tier is mostly bots anyways. I've also seen some people saying you should just ignore low tier BBs but I don't feel like doing that.

The reason why I'm assuming that choosing the UK BBs is a mistake is because apparently they encourage you to spam HE and teach bad positioning. Personally I have a tendency to use their AP shells and I don't know enough positioning to really make any statements on the latter point. The most I know about proper BB positioning is to show as little of your broadside while trying to keep as many guns on target. With my current (probably flawed) playstyle, I find that hard to do.


At the moment, this is what I usually do in each game as a BB:

  • I usually plot an automatic course which leads me into a position where I can only expect to initially find the enemy on one side or in front of me. So using this map as an example ( this would mean going to either A or C. I mostly do this to help compensate for the slow turning turrets since I'll be ready to shoot at anything moving into the point and I only have to turn my ship to shoot anything in front. I also feel like it makes it easier to spot enemies early on, especially destroyers. It also means that I initially show my entire broadside to anyone coming from the side.
  • I usually don't initially go to objectives in the center or between objectives since I feel like it's more likely for me to be attacked on both sides there and I don't trust my teammates or secondaries enough to expect them to deal with cruisers or destroyers on any given side before I get torpedoed. I'm not really good at dodging torpedoes and when I do, it usually throws my guns off.
  • I'm not really sure what I do in regards to positioning when I'm actually in battle, at that point, everything I do is mostly reactive. I do know that in fights with other BBs, I do occasionally try to keep something of angle towards the enemy but I usually show a full broadside eventually, either when I get extremely close to them (I don't stop moving in battle) or when I turn away from them.

That's all I can come up with for now, you can probably get more information out me if you ask me directly.

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