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Do you really all agree that Kitakami is OP?

WorldOfWarships4 - Do you really all agree that Kitakami is OP?

One thing I must say up front is that yes, triple Kitakami division is pure cancer but so is triple Smolensk or the double Minotaur + Worcester division.

Also please keep this as a discussion of purely her performance and stats, we all know that 40 torpedos is less than healthy for the game.

The main thing I think many miss dismiss is that Kitakami relies ENTIRELY on her torpedos as she doesn't have anything else to deal damage with, the guns are worse than those on some Tier 6 DDs and secondaries are… Probably the worst in game only second to Minotaur and Smolensk if you understand why.

The torpedos are not the main weapon, it's the only one she has and they are not great at that. They are literally nerfed Yuudachi torpedos. Yeah, nerfed. Range, damage and speed are the same but Yuudachi does have a far better reload 3 Tiers lower. Sure, she has 5 time as many torpedos (2.5 if we include reload booster) but the guns are comparable to those on Yuudachi.

I know I know, she has 40 torpedos but keep in mind something: torpedos are BY FAR the most unreliable weapon type in game, even secondaries tend to have a 30% hit rate where as torpedos rarely go over 8% hit rate.

Now keep in mind something else… She has to compete with all the other Tier 10 cruisers that include absolute monsters like Des Memes class, Stalingrad, Venezia and other very strong ships. Sure, she is obviously not expected to deal the same amount of damage as those but I'm worried that she will take the same path as Yuudachi did back during her WIP stages. Small nerf after small nerf for no reason.


Also probably the biggest issue I have with Yuudachi is that she's literally the ship she used to be at Tier 8. Same hull, very low HP, same awful guns and 40 torpedos. To be fair I don't know the stats of her old torpedos but to my knowledge they were "short range" and many people couldn't use her well because she required Concealment Expert to stealth torp and back in the day was not the easiest thing to get as the game was very new. Sure, she also got the RN smokes instead of a regular one which is a nice addition but is it really enough to justify it being 2 Tiers higher after so many years of intense powercrep?

Also keep in mind that IJN torpedos used to be extremely powerful until the massive nerf they took a very long time ago so again, more things working against her.

Maybe I'm completely wrong and she's very strong and needs a nerf but as a solo ship for random battles… I really think she needs quite a lot of love before even thinking about sending her to her death onto the live servers like the poor Yuudachi, Azuma or Yukikaze.

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