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Does anyone else want to see a Bismarck buff?

WorldOfWarships7 - Does anyone else want to see a Bismarck buff?

Around two years ago Bismarck's secondaries were nerfed. They used to have a much higher fire chance, but a lot of people thought she was too strong. I was one of the opponents to the change, arguing that Bismarck needed the great secondary fire chance to compete with the other battleships at T8.

Since then Bismarck has been power-crept hard and T10 matchmaking has become far more prevalent. I disagree with buffing the pen on her 105s – I think that would make them ridiculously strong. Rolling back the nerfed fire chance on her secondaries would make her a far more dangerous foe to enemy battleships than she currently is. Instead of being peashooters, her secondaries would have the potential to BBQ any ships that enter that 11km sphere.


Alternatively, a buff to her main battery guns would make her more fun. Currently she holds a 1.8 sigma rating on eight low calibre guns with a reload of 26 seconds – a buff to 1.9 sigma and 24 second reload would certainly make her main battery more frightening.

I find it unbelievable they're buffing very strong ships like Iowa and North Carolina when poor Bismarck suffers. NC is already the undisputed king of T8 battleships, punching up to T10 with ease and they want to give her a better heal. Bismarck is the most popular ship in the game and one of the main ships that sells the game! You'd think it would make great business sense to make her strong to keep players invested.


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