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[Dovbleg] AI-Generated Ships Vol. III: Carriers Boogaloo, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the TBD Bismarck

WorldOfWarships1 - [Dovbleg] AI-Generated Ships Vol. III: Carriers Boogaloo, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the TBD Bismarck

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mS2YnEI - [Dovbleg] AI-Generated Ships Vol. III: Carriers Boogaloo, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the TBD Bismarck


Today's dump is quite the dump. I started out by trying to generate cruisers, and then I accidentally closed the tab and got mad enough to try to generate aircraft carriers. The results of this experiment have fundamentally changed the knowledge base of the human race for the worse.

Generated using and copied for your pleasure.


Originally output unnamed with the type "Cruisers", Naniwa's name was selected to humiliate the Russians for losing the Varyag to a battle line of obsolete ships. She has the most unique shells ever put on a ship. Her AP shells have no "guaranteed bounce" angle, but their chance of bouncing increases as their impact angle goes above zero degrees. Her HE shells don't start fires. And, of course, she has 20 guns.


Type: Cruisers
Tier: IX
Nation: Japanese

Consumables: Standard Damage Control, Standard Hydroacoustic Search or Standard Defensive AA Fire, Japanese Cruisers Fighters, Upgraded Japanese Cruisers Repair Party, Standard Japanese AA Damage Control, Standard Japanese AA Fire

Main Battery: 5 x 4 152mm/38 2nd Year Type mod. E
Main Battery Range: 14.40 km
Main Battery Reload Time: 16.00 seconds
Sigma Value: 2.00
AP Shell Damage: 4,000 (830 m/s)
AP Shell Bounce Angle: 0°
HE Shell Damage: 2,300 (800 m/s)
HE Shell Fire Chance: 0%
HE Shell Penetration: 1/6

Secondary Battery: 4 x 2 127mm/40 Type 90 mod. 1
Secondary Battery Range: 6.50 km
Torpedoes: 4 x 4 610mm Type 90 mod. 1 or 4 x 4 120mm/60 Type 90 mod. 1
Torpedo Reload Time: 102.0 seconds
Torpedo Range: 12.10 km
Torpedo Damage: 18,632
Torpedo Speed: 65 kts

Hitpoints: 40,100
Turret Armor: 25 mm
Belt Armor: 102 mm
Deck Armor: 37 mm
Detection Distance: 11.50 km

Speed: 35.5 kts
Turning Circle: 734.0 m
Rudder Time: 8.0 second

AA Bofors

Commens on Naniwa

I'm going to say what you're all thinking: this ship is the Mega-Venezia.

Her AP shells, with a bounce-chance angle of 0 degrees and no autobounce angle, are usable against any target Naniwa can go up against, bow-on or otherwise. Her HE shells have a 0% fire chance and standard penetration, making them effectively SAP shells that explode and damage modules.

Let's not overlook the fact that her main battery is composed of five quadruple turrets and extremely short-barreled and short-ranged guns. These 152mm/38 guns reload in 16 seconds, probably due to turret cramping, and have a 14 km maximum range. Oddly, their muzzle velocity is decent despite firing heavy shells from short barrels.

Her main battery is comprised of 20 guns, on a Japanese cruiser, with a 2.0 sigma. This means that those shells are going to have a high hit rate, especially when well-aimed. A possible alpha strike of 200,000 damage is unheard of in the entire game and it's all likely to land on target.

Now, for things like survivability and maneuvering. With a standard Japanese cruiser speed and slightly better turning characteristics, this is a ship that can reposition well after firing all 20 guns. Her armor is pretty much the standard Japanese cruiser belt armor and will do nothing against BB AP. It might catch 6-inch gunfire, but don't count on it.

Naniwa also has torpedoes with good range and damage that can be switched out for quadruple secondaries. This shouldn't be a hard choice, as Naniwa can torpedo from stealth with no upgrades or skills. The only reason to take the secondaries is for a build centered around Naniwa's 6.5 km secondary battery range.

I'm going to assume "AA Bofors" just means the same AA suite as Ibuki. Taking the quad secondary guns should add extra flak bursts, though.



Type: Cruiser
Tier: IX
Nation: British
Consumables: Standard Damage Control, Standard Hydroacoustic Search or Standard Defensive AA Fire, British Cruiser Engine Boost, British Cruiser Main Battery Reload Booster

Main Battery: 4 x 3 155mm/40 Mle. 1943
Main Battery Range: 15.74 km
Main Battery Reload Time: 6.40 seconds
Sigma Value: 3.00
AP Shell Damage: 2,400 (780 m/s)
AP Shell Bounce Angle: 40 ~ 52
HE Shell Damage: 2,240 (780 m/s)
HE Shell Fire Chance: 12.0%
HE Shell Penetration: 1/5

Secondary Battery: 4 x 2 100mm/55 Mle. 1945
Secondary Battery Range: 4.83 km
Torpedoes: 2 x 2 550mm 23DT
Torpedo Reload Time: 90.0 seconds
Torpedo Range: 9.00 km
Torpedo Damage: 14,833
Torpedo Speed: 60 kts


Hitpoints: 32,200
Turret Armor: 95 mm
Belt Armor: 120 mm
Deck Armor: 38 mm
Detection Distance: 12.50 km

Speed: 31.6 kts
Turning Circle: 680 m

Comments on Bayard

Now it's just not even trying.

The AI has successfully uptiered Bayard and made her British. Of course, she now has less hitpoints and is slower. On the flip side, her main battery reloads faster and is weirder. First off, it has a sigma value of 3 (!). However, Bayard's new AP shells deal much less damage and bounce on nothing, as well as being a lot slower. Her new HE shells deal a little more damage and have the same fire chance and penetration, although they are still slower. Coupled with her short reload time and Reload Booster, the possible fires per minute value ascends into space, and those HE shells are going to be grouped tight.

Bayard now has fewer torpedoes that are the exact same, annoyingly. Her secondaries are the exact same. Her detection radius has gone up. She has less armor. Everything about her has gotten worse in exchange for main guns with 3 sigma that spew HE shells at an unreasonable rate. The only reason for this ship to exist is so that Main Battery Modification 3 can be fitted along with premium Main Battery Reload Booster, Adrenaline Rush, Demolition Expert, and fire flags.

See, this is what the British do to everything. They take a design that already works and then turn it into an HE spam barge with no skill floor and no skill ceiling. Bayard, once a jack-of-all-trades cruiser that could excel in any niche she was pushed into, has become an HE shell carrier whose gameplay is simplified down to "set things on fire and hope you don't die".

A submarine came out, but then I clicked away and lost everything. The submarine was named Aegis, was German, was tier VIII, had a main battery of four dual "120mm Bofors Mk V" guns with 9.75 km range, had "standard" consumables, had a secondary battery of French 100mm guns with 9.0km range, had a triple torpedo launcher in the bow with slightly weaker 550mm torpedoes with a 9.0km range and had no other data than this.

My frustration is immeasurable and I'm going to take it out on you by inputting Ranger's stats and generating a carrier.



Tier: IV
Type: Aircraft Carrier
Nation: American

Max Aircraft on Deck: 12

Attack Aircraft: 2 x F4F Wildcat
Attack Aircraft Cruise Speed: 153 kts
Attack Flight: Two planes firing eight rockets each
Rocket: 5.7-inch
Damage: 3,300

Torpedo Bomber: 2 x TBD Devastator
Torpedo Bomber Cruise Speed: 108 kts
Torpedo: Torpedo Mk7
Damage: 7,300

Hitpoints: 34,700
Armor Plating: 23mm
Detection Distance: 12.9 km

Turning Radius: 760 m
Armor Density: 2.0
Speed: 30.5 kts

Comments on Ranger

See how you can make destroyer players quit the entire game with this one weird trick!

So, this carrier has twelve planes on deck. Her main attraction appears to be her rocket aircraft, attacking all at once, firing 16 powerful rockets at a time and then leaving. Her torpedo bombers also hit hard, dealing much more damage than torpedo bombers are supposed to and presumably attacking the same way.

Now, Ranger has aircraft that are higher than tier IV, but she has very few of them. Twelve on deck and two per flight is nothing. Flying into one flak burst will wipe out the whole flight, and sustained damage will chew through two planes in no time.

This seems like a terrible ship to play and also a terrible ship to play against. At least she has dense armor.


Tier: IX
Type: Aircraft Carrier
Nation: Russian

Max Aircraft on Deck: 22

Attack Aircraft: 4 x A6M2 Zero
Attack Aircraft Cruise Speed: 139 kts
Attack Flight: Two planes firing four rockets each
Rocket: Type 3 No. 6 Mk. 27
Damage: 2,200
Bombers: 8 x SB4M2A Neptune
Bombers Cruise Speed: 115 kts
Attack Flight: Two planes firing one bomb each
Bomb: AN-M63
Damage: 8,300
Torpedo Bomber: 2 x TBD Bismarck
Torpedo Bomber Cruise Speed: 124 kts
Torpedo: Torpedo Mk9
Damage: 3,999

Hitpoints: 45,200
Armor Plating: 24mm
Detection Distance: 13.79 km
Speed: 33.2 kts
Turning Radius: 800 m
Rudder Time: 13.4 s

Comments on Ranger


I need to take a shower.

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