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[Dovbleg] New game mode to be introduced in 0.9.12: Shortlist Battles

WorldOfWarships6 - [Dovbleg] New game mode to be introduced in 0.9.12: Shortlist Battles


We would like to thank you once again for the torrent of feedback you provided us with regarding the Santa Gift boxes we had prepared for you this season. Your opinion is very important to us. We strive to make each year a better one for us you, dear p(l)ayers.

In order to provide you with new and pleasant gaming experiences which will further widen the existing plethora of tactics in which World of Warships can be enjoyed, we are rolling out a new game-mode with the update 0.9.12, the Shortlist Battle. The principle is the same as the Standard battle mode, with some minor adjustments.

  • The roster of ships will consist of only a handful of different ships, being: Viribus Unitis, London, De Grasse, Admiral Makarov, Duca D'Aosta, California, Yudachi, Vanguard, Orkan & Ochakov.

  • The regular rules of random battles apply.

  • You can control the speed of your ship with the keys W and S, and the direction your ship is going with the keys A & D. It may appear however that your ship is not obeying your commanders and is travelling on a pre-programmed course and fires its weaponry automatically. However, rest assured commanders that this is just your imagination playing up, as we would never tamper with aspects of the game and gameplay using hidden parameters, requirements and modifiers. The control firmly sits with the user and our patended RNG-generator.

  • When the battle has been fought, the players get their well-earned rewards consisting of a random assortment of credits and experience. There are chances that up to 2750 base experience and 1.2M credits can be earned per battle. That you're only hauling 125 base experience and 3580 credits per battle, each battle, every battle is once again confirmation bias and sheer coincidence.

  • Access to the new game-mode can be obtained via random bundles in the armoury. Per day you can obtain 5 bundles containing tokens you can convert into a time-limited currency needed to buy a hidden campaign which must be completed before the Shortlist Battles-button appears on a dedicated article in the portal. But that's our little secret, the fewer people know about this, the better. After all, we don't want too many people knowing about stuff, do we? Just like our reimbursement-actions and captain-retrainings when major gameplay-elements change like the IFHE-rework and the upcoming and un-tested captain skills.

We hope that this new addition to the game will bring you plenty of joy and maybe even a renewed interest for the game World of Warships. If not just to show you dimwitted idiots that we as developers are hopelessly incompetent and don't give a single fuck about the game, the community and especially you the player anymore, and are just trying to fleece as much money from you stupid lot as possible before it all collapses on itself because of balancing reasons that couldn't be balanced, even with our sledgehammer approach.

Action stations!

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