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[Dovbleg]We want you: Project R meets Dockyard

WorldOfWarships5 - [Dovbleg]We want you: Project R meets Dockyard


in this grim time of forced quarantine to prevent the spreading of a deadly disease, we want you to help us do our part! Over the last months we listened carefully to your feedback and are happy to announce a new event in one of the upcoming patches in World of Warships. You can help to prevent the spreading of a deadly imbalance in World of Warships.

Project R

We need you! And you! And you! Frankly everybody on the server!

The veterans among you that are still with us, will remember the great memories the Project R event chain brought to World of Warships back in early 2016. We want to revive this feeling of coming together and helping you socialize with your friends. Old and new ones alike. Not only will you play together with other players when physical contact is forbidden, but you also can take part in a server wide event to achieve something together for the greater good.

This means that during this event all the points a player generates is put forward towards the common goal. We hope that this helps those unfortunate among you that are forced to stay at home over the upcoming weeks or even months to find something positive in this community.

The Dockyard returns

The dockyard returns! Find out how!

The feedback from last years Christmas event was loud and clear: You enjoyed the dockyard. The feeling of building something that you later can call your own is a great way of increasing morale among your crew and lifts the spirit once you can show your friends what you have achieved. We are happy to announce that the dockyard will return. Albeit in a slightly different form. This time it will serve as a scrapyard!

This means that your mission in this event is it, to demount and scrap an existing ship. This process is divided into seperate stages, each with smaller rewards for your account. Taken down the ships gun mounts? Recieve some steel. Demount the engine? Recieve some premium time. Once you have struck the ship from the naval register it will disappear from your account! And you helped restore balance to World of Warships once again.

YOU can help balance the game!

Similar process as with Puerto Rico but in a different order


Of course this makes only sense, when the ship you're about to destroy, is truly powerful and – as taken from our ST's and CC's feedback – truly broken and not in any way, shape or form healthy for our game as a whole.

Pobeda returns to the game. If you don't prevent it! That's right, Pobeda will return in it's initial test iteration and it's your mission over this event's patch to deconstruct her. Work your way through directives to gather tokens for Deconstruction boosters. The deconstruction will take place in real-time and will continue after the player logs out. For the completion of each stage, players will receive various valuable rewards, and the final one will be the removal of the Soviet Tier X cruiser itself.

It is a concious decision to put the flashy rewards in the high stages (that a player reaches early in the event) and the less interesting rewards in the low stages. That way we make sure, that only the most dedicated players will work their way through this event.

Project R meets Dockyard

Due to the Project R nature of this event this means the following for the removal of Pobeda from the game:

– Complete all 36 stages and Pobeda will be removed from your account. Congratulations, you restored balance to the game.

– Gather enough points in the serverwide challenge and Pobeda will be removed from the server. Congratulations, you helped restore balance to the game.

– If not enough stages are completed AND not enough points gathered, Pobeda will be released to the game in the patch that follows this event.

Keep in mind though: If you have completed all stages, but not enough points have been gathered. You will be without Pobeda, while she's still on the server. Don't take part in the event because you want this broken, imbalanced ship, but enough points have been gathered, you will also be without Pobeda and she will be removed from the server. Of course in this case we assume you also travel during a global pandemic.

Event directives

The event will consist of 7 directives. In addition to the Deconsturction tokens, the valuable serverwide points are available for completing the missions and directives, including various in-game items, "Corona's gift" containers, and "Deconstruction" containers.

Please note that the information in the Dovolepment Blog is preliminary and subject to change.

Action stations!

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