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Ever since i started playing DDs more, i realize how much Battleships and also partially cruisers suck

WorldOfWarships6 - Ever since i started playing DDs more, i realize how much Battleships and also partially cruisers suck

I got myself a Grozovoi as well as Harekaze and so i started playing more and more DDs ever since then.

This class is just so much less pain in the Ass to play. You control the engagements, you get smoke which is so stupidly strong. Its like a bailout out of trouble. Its also extremely versatile since you can also provide cover for your Teammates.

When playing the Grozovoi i just see the phenomenon of how Battleships just get fed up trying to hit you after a couple of missed salvoes. They just accept their fiery fate and shoot something else until they die. if they shoot back its easy as fuck to dodge the salvoes of 1 or 2 BBs every 30 seconds. And even if they hit me with AP its not like this is dealing any meaningful damage.

And well, if it gets out of hand you can just use your get out of jail free smoke and disengage.

Honestly, playing the grozovoi just showed me how masochistic i was by playing BBs all the time.

I don't have to worry about being perma spotted by some DDs, i don't have to worry about HE spam and fires nearly as much. And most of all, i don't have to deal with that bullshit rng that decides if i get to deal damage with that salvo or not.

I find DDs so much more relaxing and impactful to play. You provide spotting, you can provide cover, you play the objective, you can Zone the enemy with torps. CVs aren't nearly as anyoing, the only type of sqadron that is a threat to you are rocket planes, and even those got nerfed. It's quite possible to juke CV drops

Don't get me wrong CVs are still aids and i still hate playing against them. But its not nearly as terrible facing them in a DD unless they decide to really hard focus you. And even then you still have your smoke or your amazing speed to get near the next best AA ship quickly.


So yeah, DDs are absolutely bonkers and I regret not having played them much earlier. They are hands down the most impactful and fun class. The only thing that can really stop you is a good carrier, well positioned radar cruisers and other DDs.

Its amazing how helpless BBs and cruisers without radars are against a DD. Honestly, in that situation you hold all the cards. If it's unfavorable stay concealed and spot and torp. If the opportunity arises gun them down.

And well, If you think playing against a good gunboat DD is bad, wait for the torp boats. Those are the real annoying things in the right hands.

I can mostly speak from the Harekaze, im omw getting the Shima but for now im getting good insight on how absolutely busted 5.4 km concealment are.

Spotting wins games and if you happen to be a decent gunboat with 5.4 km concealment, you can even hard bully most t10 destroyers by just out spotting them and keeping them lit.

So yeah, on one hand i like playing DDs and on the other hand its sad that BBs just aren't as much fun as they used to be.

I can completely understand why people refuse to push in BBs. It really feels like this class is just a crop to be harvested, or damage to be farmed. Yes they can put some pressure on the enemy due to the HP but they got powercrept by the ongoing addition of ships like thunderer, smolensk, halland and of course carriers

Even the old cruisers like zao, Hindenburg etc excel at long range HE spam.

So Battleships just get completely shmelted these days. Its not fun at all.

If you're just as fed up with BBs in this meta as i am, give DDs a try. Its like a whole different and much better experience.

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