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WorldOfWarships5 - Extend your DD life

I have been playing this game a long time. I have around 5.5k games and I would like to share some of my experience with new players.

It is very difficult in this current meta to survive playing a DD and also doing good scores.

DDs has 2 main counter.

  1. Radar
  2. CVs

1.Counting Radars

Radars have been the nemesis of DDs for a long time. I have encountered a few ways, using which carefully, you can avoid getting sent to oblivion in the 1st 2 min of the game.

Radar Bait

It is a very cheeky way to make the radar ship to use his consumable.

This method works best if you surely know there is only one ship,camping near the cap you are going in.

Stop near the edge of the cap,and then start reversing and go in your cap stern first.

As the radar ship sees the cap is being capped, they tend to use radar. As soon as it does,just get out and run from the cap. Wag your tail and throw off their shot as much as possible.

Get out of their radar range,and wait 40-50 sec. Come back in the cap,and the radar ship cannot radar you now,as their radar is now in cool down.

To be noted, if you have more that one, e.g 2 or 3 radar ships camping the cap.This is hard to succeed,as they can radar one after another.

Wait the storm out

Now this might be boring to some of you, but this works out the most.

Do not rush into the cap at the start of the game. Wait it out. Let the radar ships camp,once they see the enemy DD is not easily getting in their radar range, they might do some silly things and die. Same applies for enemy DDs also,but that is another topic.

Also if your team is pushing, cap then,when if spotted,you are not the only ship for the enemy to shoot at.

This situation does not always work as intended also.Your team might never push, their CA CL might never make any mistakes. If that happens, it becomes 10 times harder for you, and you might also be blamed at because of not getting in the cap at the first min and risking your life.

I normally use this tactics when I see I am in my T8 DD against a T10 fleet.

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Situational Awareness

This is the method which requires the highest skill level.

This way you have to map out every potential threat for your ship,as soon as possible after the start of the game.

Look for the radar ships on the enemy team , and observer where they are going. Try the other caps.

Or stay outside the radar range of the enemy radar ship,and cap,if you can.

Focus on your mini-map,it will be very useful.

If you are going in without knowing every enemy radar ship location,keep an exit plan. Like stay close to an island,so if radar triggered ,, you can duck behind it.

There are other ways you can counter radar, but I think these 3 might be most useful.

2.Counting CVs


After the CV rework,it has been extremely difficult for DDs.

One of the main power of a DD , stealth.. is useless now,as you can pretty much spot a DD without getting much damage with your CV, same as before.

As example,I would put something I tried earlier.

I made my Benson full AA spec, packed with AA flag and went to duel CVs.

That game, there was an enemy Lex, who decided to make my life hell ,and yes,AA spec Benson could not do much to save itself.

So there are very few things you can use against CVs.


Yep, this thing can save you from rocket planes. But the problem is, you cannot spam smokes every 20 sec like the enemy CV can its planes. The British DDs are better here,as their short cool-down of smoke helps the matter.

US DDs suffer the most, as they tend to have long duration,long reload smokes which you cannot just pop anywhere for CV protection.But there is a plus is that US DDs have better AA than most of the other nation's DDs.

Have Patience

Do not go to the cap in the beginning of the game. It isolates you from your AA supporting ships as well as makes you a easy target to pick off by enemy rocket planes.

For the 1st couple of minutes, stay with your CL CA BB mates. Use their AA as cover when CV comes.

Wait for the CV to start focus on other ships, and then silently, try to cap.

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But if the enemy CV has good situational awareness, he is gonna send fighters your way anyways. You can counter this with smoke for as long as you can.

Play safe, stay alive

Yes, you got it. Do not do stupid things at the start of the game as I am telling you from before, wait for the game to flow. A DD which survives till the endgame is much much more valuable to a team than any CL CA or BB that survives. You are agile, fast,sneaky and there are fewer enemies who can shoot you now.

But of course , the CV is still there making your life a living hell, with full squadrons although he lost more than 100 aircraft already.

As you can see, countering a radar is comparatively easier that countering CVs in current meta.

Then you realize you have to do CV and Radar counter together and still be useful as a DD.

It is obviously very hard, and success is rare, not only for new or casual players,, for experienced players as well.

I hope WG makes this hardship easier for DDs in next few updates.

Please note, all that I have written are based on my personal experience with this game. I might be wrong is some points according to you, so please feel free to point that out in comments.

Thank you so much for having the patience to read this long rant of mine.

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