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Feedback/ balancing discussion on the Italian BBs

WorldOfWarships4 - Feedback/ balancing discussion on the Italian BBs

Im not a supertester or anything like that, but im part of this community and have a fair share of experience with BBs since its my most played class in the game.

Im Posting this to share my opinion with you guys here and I also hope that someone picks up this feedback in the ongoing balancing process.

So yeah. Lets get started.

Today i faced Yuzorah (the CC?) in the t7 Francesco Caroculo, some Italian Name, no idea how its written exactly.

I was in a Baltimore and decided to rush him since i knew he couldn't overmatch me.

This worked pretty well, i underestimated the sap once and received around 11k at a rather unexpected angle.

However, he decided to turn his ship around and brawl me.

My innocent Ass thought this would be an easy kill. When i closed the gap, i aimed for his citadel at around 3 km just to figure out it wasn't there.

I constantly recieved normal pens. It wasn't enough and i just got dumpstered in a drive by.

I can't comment on how these ships play, but I can talk about playing against them. The Duel mentioned above showed a few things.

Im not 100% sure but i think it has the same sort of underwater submarine Citadel as the Christofo Colombo.

Im not a fan of this. Underwater Citadels never have been fun and its just not balancing to make a ship artificially idiot proof.

Whilest the survivability is one thing, the guns seem to be pretty trash.

Im not sure about the current balancing state. But from the first announcement they basically traded in everything to get SAP. Namely reload, sigma and the ability to overmatch.


These Ships just can't deal with bow in targets and destroyers at all. The SAP deals 10 percent of its maximum damage which translates to even less then Battleship HE.

We don't need more Battleships that won't ever shoot at destroyers.

This is the main issue I have with these ships currently. I haven't waited 4 years for gimped ships with SAP.

My first premiumship was the Roma and this thing is just the prime example on how to balance the Italian BBs.

Good armor, great concealment, nimble handling with a vulnerable Citadel, no overmatch and trash AA to compensate for the strengths.

I don't want an idiotproof Battleship with smoke and sap that trades its soul for those things.

38 second reload and 1.5 Sigma on t10 just don't check out.

Hell, the Lyon has 16 guns with a 1.5 Sigma and a normal 30 second reload at t7.

So how would i balance those ships?

I would take the Roma as a staple and make the tech tree line similar.

T7: raise the Citadel, 30 seconds reload, 1.8 sigma, No HE or SAP but slightly improved pen Angles on the AP Increase the pen of the 90mm secondaries to 1/4th and buff the secondary range to French levels. Keep the smoke tho.

T8/9/10 same deal.

With this youd have stealthy flanking BBs that reward smart positioning and decision making. On the other hand they can't do much against angled targets which would be fine IMO

What are your thoughts? Would you like this approach more than the current one, do you have any other Ideas?

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