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Feel free to take your toys and go home if you don”t like how a game is going. It doesn’t violate afk rules apparently.

WorldOfWarships2 - Feel free to take your toys and go home if you don''t like how a game is going. It doesn't violate afk rules apparently.

So I filed a report due to a player saying "gg game over, heres where I am, kill me" 3 minutes in, then talking about how he's beating the auto-afk system because he moved.

I gave the replay along with a detailed breakdown of his chat admissions of doing it to WG. (he also called me a bitch for asking the enemy team to report him for afk, which is neither here nor there but THAT they did something about".

Here is a chat breakdown. (I provided WG with the actual replay"

"16:42 "this is a loss" "gg"

16:25 "going for a coffee""

15:49 "hey enemy cv I''m going for a coffee, this game is already lost, got my ass turned off sitting in j6" "feast away"

15:12 "report away. I'm not afk, I'm still here just having a coffee. PLUS I've moved enough to negate that bullshit in game afk report :)"

14:33"have fun wasting yhour time on a ticket they aren't even going to read

14:25 now, coffee time :)"

1344 – I ask enemy team to report our CV for afk

13:32 'I'm still here, this dudes just a little bitch" I''m enjoying my coffee

1253 "because this game was lost in the first 2 minutes and why waste my time when i can have coffee?

12:11" and as I told him, report away, I've moved enough to negate AFK reports from the in-game system""

After submitting this the first time, i got a canned reply explaining about the AFK system and the ticket closed. So I resubmitted and got this.

"Dear gamer,

Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support.


In the Update 0.7.4. a new system for preventing misconduct in battle has been introduced. You can read additional info about the system at the link:

Starting from this update, the players can get a warning or a prohibition to the game due to one of the variants of the unsportsmanlike behavior as:

  1. Inactivity in battle;
  2. Damage Caused to Allies/Destroying an Allied Ship;
  3. Fleeing the Battlefield.

The player can not abused the system. As regarding chat violation, with the information you have provided us, we have performed an investigation and taken the appropriate actions in accordance with our procedures. Due to our privacy policy, we are unable to inform you as to what actions have been taken against the player(s) in question. However, we assure you that violations of the game rules are met with appropriate sanctions.

Best regards."

The first thing on the list :Inactivity In Battle: Is SPECIFICALLY what this player said that they were doing, then proceeded to never launch another plane squad. How is this not a violation?

TL:DR > You can admit that you are intentionally beating the anti-afk system, then not participate in a game and it's ok. So feel free to take your toys and go home if you are losing.

Oh and because I don't think people should get away with ruining 11 other peoples games scott free, garner487.

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