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Finally inside the research bureau

WorldOfWarships1 - Finally inside the research bureau

Hello, fellow captains!

Lately I finally managed to get my hands on my 5th tech tree T10 ship and that lead to the unlocking of the research bureau.

My first impression: Sheesh, there are only two ships to get and they are freaking expensive O.o Second thought: Didn't WG say something about legendary upgrades being available in here? Can't find them for either Moskva or Henri, which I both unlocked after they dropped the variant with the mission chains.

So I started pondering, what line to reset to get my hands on some extra points. The 5 possible lines are:

– KMS BB (topping with the "Großer Kurfürst"; legendary upgrade unlocked)

– RN CL (Minotaur; legendary upgrade unlocked)

– IJN BB (Yamato; legendary upgrade unlocking progress stage 4/5)

– RU CL (Moskva)

– FRA CL (Henri IV)

The IJN and RU lines are out of question because some ships on the way gave me way too much bad vibes whenever playing with them; most notably "Izumo" on IJN T9. I just can't get proper results in this ship and I don't like the design of all-front turrets either (maybe that's why I don't play my French T8 BB that much right now …). The Russian ships, being the fragile balsa wood boats they are, aren't really what I am good with, taking into acount they almost got no defensive capabilities such as smoke (unlike Minotaur which I got some of my best random battle results with so far).


Currently I'm most likely to reset the German BB line; they were my first T10 line to be completed and I really enjoyed like 90% of the grind.

What I got from the in-game information, my installed upgrades along with my captains won't go missing, but the game said nothing about the camos. I'm kind of the collector guy and decided to invest in perma-camos a while back, so every ship from T6 upwards has it's dubloon camo bought and equipped. My port stores every tech tree ship I unlocked so far that has at least one perma camo to get (not counting "free distributable" ones like New Year or Infernal), so there are plenty of T6+ ships there with the USS New York on T5 being the only one exception below that with a dubloon perma camo while not being a premium ship). Also, my GK got the "T10-Infernal" camo from last year's Halloween event (just like the overall design an the sound of the secondaries firing ^^) along with that neat looking space ship camo.

So, what will happen with those camos once I reset the line?

Will they go to the inventory and wait for the ship to enter my port once again or will they just vanish with the need to be rebought? If the latter, I'm perfectly ok with never getting my hands on either Colbert or Ohio because I won't be resetting any line ever.

So thank you in advance for your thoughts and answers 🙂

Good luck and fair seas!

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