World of Warships

First impression of Ranked Battles from eyes of a rookie

WorldOfWarships3 - First impression of Ranked Battles from eyes of a rookie

Hi. I got total of 700game since I started and best I do is playing dd and cv. For ranked I play lexington for bronze league and I wanna say something about players and hope that they will find something from it and try to change.

Firstly no communication in matches.This is first and biggest mistake I think. If we thought about it its simple about a lone wolf dies in winter but pack survives.But all the time people go another way,do irrelevant things and never let the team know. Yeah maybe they saw something different from their perspective but there are six other perspective which you can cooperate with. If you talk,if you let your team know your situation or know their situation and help them and play together first and best improve in your game. And if some cv giving you info its because he got bigger perspective than most of the players so please listen when he says dont go there you got overwhelmed by enemies or dds near make attempt to escape from torpedos or i will make enemy bb give you broadside please hold your fire so dont miss golden chance. There are lots of example like this so please communicate with team they gave chat for this.


Secondly i wanna talk about position mistakes. Most of you saw a lone bb or cl going through 3-4 enemy with no goal right? Please dont do this. You are not superhero.All ships got some pros and cons but none of them can tank 4 ships in same time while sinking them.When you go somewhere please look at the minimap. First look at your and teammates position then when cv reveal enemies please look at them and plan your moves after that. Going pointless or try to take a node alone while enemies coming even though it may help team its causes more harm. Even you as a cl go with brainless bb with nowhere you probably help team more.also some common mistakes i wanna say about positions.Don't show your head from that island. Probably someone will shot you down or dds knowing you and torpedos coming. Dont camp or camp accordingly if you really want.for example in 3 german bb pushing in middle please do not camp behind of an island that litterally middle of the map.

Lastly, dont become toxic and please use ships that you know and every game try to memorize enemy ships moves what they do good what they do wrong.So next time when you see for example tirpitz then you play according to past experiences and you will probably got better results. Also when you play ships you familiar you know your boundaries and play with them. If you play zero experience ships then you need to play normal battles to learn that ship and this way you become respectful to others by not ruining this game.

I am an avarage player and nothing impressive about me but i wanna share my impressions about my first matches and how do my type player gets more wins. Most of you probably better than me and if you got something to add or something to correct please write it.

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