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First impressions review: Georgia

WorldOfWarships7 - First impressions review: Georgia

Oh boy.

So this is a fun ship. Perhaps instantly one of my favorite ships in the game in its current state, so I figured I would write up a review of the ship. Never before have I gone so 0-100 in hype between announce and release.

Good stuff

Main armament

  • The guns are what Conquerer 457mm wants to be. They hit for the highest per-shell damage in the game!

  • They're pretty accurate. Stats say it's graf spee dispersion, but I've had the guns be very consistent for me. If only Gneisenau had this…

  • The flight time is identical to Iowa, so it's not a super fast railgun, but it's not the turtles of N.C./Massa

  • They reload pretty quick too for a BB. Gneisenau reload, not Republique.

  • 45s turret traverse, same as Iowa. Not terrible for big guns.

Secondary armament

Secondary Battery

  • Oh boy.

  • They're the same as Massachusetts. 10×2 127mm, with a 7.5km (11.3 max) range.

  • This makes them pretty damn scary, as you know how Massa is. The pen isn't great though, and you need IFHE to pen cruisers, essentially. But melting a worcester, almost to the point of ignoring it with main battery guns while charging at it at 40 knots is fun. Really fun.

  • They get improved accuracy. Baseline is effectively bismarck with Mansec. With mansec, it's lasers. Perhaps too accurate due to the aiming of them. This could mean you could swap out mansec for FP or something, and gain the advantage of firing both sides. On the other hand, with Mansec your lasers are consistent as a regular DD firing at another DD, which is very useful.

  • Pretty good firing angles, allows you to chase down your prey most efficiently while still firing.


  • Not going to comment much on this. It'll shoot some planes down, T10 CVs won't care too much about it. You either got the AA to defend yourself or not, but at least you will help a little in groups.


  • 40 second heal CD means you can potentially tank some serious damage during an extended brawl, but you're weak once you use it all up quickly.

  • You get a 38mm deck, so you're slightly more tanky to the likes of Worcester and Harugumo

  • It's still a battleship. Angle well enough and you're still tanky. Not German tanky, but battleship tanky.

  • Your citadel is hittable, but it's not a cruiser. You're gonna get punished, but you can usually get away with showing side if you absolutely must for a little bit.



  • Okay. It's really 39.7 knots. But still. With speed flag and engine boost going, it's the fastest BB in the game. You can outrun some aerial torps, you can chase down virtually anything, and you can re-position at a moments notice.

  • Seriously, the speed is very useful. One thing about secondary builds is the need to get close, and they're useless until you do. Well, at 40 knots you're gonna get into range real fast.

  • This also allows you to dis-engage really well. If you pick the right timing to turn around to minimize damage, you can get the hell out of there really fast.

  • Speed boost also allows you to stop and reverse really quickly, allowing for some hilarious torpedo beats

  • Despite the insane speed, you get…. a 30m better turning circle than Iowa, and an even faster rudder at 16.5 seconds. That's pretty damn good.

Bad stuff

Main armament:

  • You only get 6 guns. Improved accuracy makes up for it, but still. 6 guns. No ability to watch a glorious 12 gun salvo or anything.

  • They're… USN. They're not particularly fast shells

  • Honestly the guns are really strong.

Secondary armament

Secondary battery

  • It's secondaries. They're fun to use. These ones actually do something, unlike most. But it's still a huge investment in points, and a survivability build is most likely "better". But Georgia is fun, and secondaries are fun.

  • With mansec they're a little too accurate, and they can end up just shattering on a BB belt at closer ranges.


  • It's not particularly well armored, it's an Iowa. You can still brawl and tank in it, but it's fairly easy to take damage.

  • Your citadel is hittable, unlike some BBs, so again, brawling requires good angling and lack of crossfire.


  • Uhhh

  • It's… not a DD rudder

  • The engine isn't RN acceleration

  • I dunno


  • The ship is fun. Really fun. You can straight up charge into caps or the enemy, pew pew secondaries and blap some DDs as you dodge torps with mad speed.

  • Okay, that doesn't always work, but if you're gonna do that, this is the ship. It does it pretty damn well, and I can still hit 100-150k damage in this hyper-aggressive secondary meme setup. It could be even scarier in a tank build, if a bit less exciting.

  • Concealment is .3km worse than Iowa. But at 40 knots you're gonna charge and dis-engage really fast

  • This ship is the ultimate box of gimmicks. So many gimmicks. If it just had 6 guns with a tad bit more accuracy and none of the gimmicks, it would still be good. Not as fun, but good.

  • Ship is basically a combo between a yamato, with two khabas strapped to your sides, with a massa. It's really fun.

  • I definitely didn't steal the buyers beware format and flipped the good/bad stuff placement

First time doing something like this as in depth, I might've missed something. Sorry. I'm not sure if I'm going to play any other ship for awhile, though.

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