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Apologies for Text Dump in advance, I kind of just started typing this as a basic reply to someone but got to this, so thought id just make it a post, and this is my first attempt at something I would call informative

After giving her a decent whack at it after buying her today

(I can't stop myself buying shiny things anymore).

She sits in the Ehhhhhh Category

Her plating is 25mm and at first glance doesn't seem too bad, especially at T7, and when you DO fight your own Tier, it holds up fairly well, the problems come in when Weegee's "Perfectly Balanced" MM throws a tantrum and yeets you into a full T9 match with multiple super cruisers in play, they will overmatch you, they will citadel you. The only saving grace is the 37mm main deck, hammering home that you shouldn't be closer than 14km to any nearby large gun target.

Her AA is reasonable,

(Though Weegees "Feature" of the AA being more powerful than expected skews that)

Manoeuvrability is above average for its tier, I mean it is just the North Carolina one tier down.

Concealment is pretty dope, 12.1 with concealment expert makes it a stealthy bugger than can appear out of nowhere, shame the guns have a habit of misbehaving at the wrong moment

The guns are a mixed bag, while small in calibre, you have 12 356mm guns with an AP Shell Velocity of 823m per second, the difference between these shells and the shells of her bigger cousins is they don't bleed speed over distance, that's right, no super heavy shells here, meaning yes, a US battleship that can hit a target and range without waiting an eternity,

Unfortunately the problems mount up faster as with play, the 1.7 sigma is below average for American guns at this tier, and while the 205mm dispersion helps, the guns have a tendency to just misbehave at the wrong moment, resulting in some rather frustrating salvos.


Also no super heavy means rather piss-poor pen on heavily armoured targets at range, once again sometimes you will score them magic citadels but this is few and far between. While other times you will over pen the softer targets, you don't even get improved pen angles or fuse timers to compensate for the wild nature of these shells.

I haven't mentioned the HE because its bad, plain and simply, 4750 MAX Alpha strike, and a measly 25% fire chance and no enhanced pen, use only when desperate.

Florida does one thing and one thing only, spank broadsides with AP rounds from medium to long range, you cannot brawl and are not expected to with the poor armour layout, with limited overmatch capability for its tier…

Wait a minute this sounds like Slava at T7

Yep Weegee once again has gone in on this style of ship hoping it will stick, and once again it flops down the wall with a rather diss-satisfying plop.

Now if you like this kind of playstyle, or you just want something other than the California (Which Florida basically power crept in one fell swoop) then go nuts, but don't expect your typical battleship gameplay.

Florida: The Walmart Slava

Guns: 7/10 (Citadels and Overpens in the same Salvo)

Armour: 4/10 (Please Don't Citadel Me)

AA: 7/10 (Respect The Boffers / Just Dodge My Def AA)

Concealment: 9/10 (Where did those shells come from)

Manoeuvrability: 7/10 (Gotta Go Above Average Speed)

At this point Weegee should just make the battlecruiser designation and a couple ships lines, there's enough in the game at this point to justify it.

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