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WorldOfWarships6 - French DD speculation...

So, We know the Le Fantasque class is the Tier 8 DD.

Judging by this, there are 2 directions they could hold for tier 9 and 10.

Mogador class had 2 ships, Mogador and Volta.

Mogador was sunk before her major refit (scuttled). So, that means Mogador base config would be a viable T9, and Volta with major refit could be the T10.

The other option is to do Mogador or Volta at T9 with major refit becoming the upgrade. Then, the unbuilt improved Mogador class ships to be named Marceau, Kleber, Desaix, and Hoche could be the tier 10.


The improved ships were to be fitted with 4 dual purpose 130mm twin turrets, as opposed to the 4 138mm twin turrets on Mogador and Volta. This would potentially provide them with the best AA at any tier among DDs in game currently.

The torpedo config on the Mogador class was 2×2 and 2×3 torpedo launchers, and the Mogador class all carried sonar as well.

So, potentially the T9 and T10 variants could have hydro with the T10 having monstrous AA.


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