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From Best to Worst: Strategy Guide for Playing CV’s!

WorldOfWarships1 - From Best to Worst: Strategy Guide for Playing CV's!


So you want to play the most hated line in game, eh? Well then, Here is a basic strategy guide for seasoned and new CV players alike!

Best Strategies:

Sling Shot- This is a well known and the most useful strategy when playing against strong AA ships. The goal of this strategy, is to prematurely dropping ordnance before engaging a target. By doing this, it simultaneously conserves squadrons while catapulting the forward squadrons on target with minimum loss from AA. This is extremely useful in higher tier matches.

Riding the Line- This strategy may sound cheeky, but it's very effective. But also, please note that its a 50/50 gamble. The goal of this strategy, is to fly directly on the boundary lines to spot enemy ships. By doing this, you can sneak behind the enemy fleet and spot at a safe distance. However, this one has a drawback. If you go down the wrong side, you're most likely going to be obliterated.

The Fish Hook- This strategy is like the one above but for a more offensive approach. The goal of this strategy, is to fly down a line near where enemy ships are and ambush them. By doing this, you can spot at a safe distance and attack from a better point. This strategy is very useful if you have concealment. However, like the strategy above this one has a drawback. You see, once you fly towards your target and have a clear shot, beware of invisible DDs…. this works only if the target is alone or with minimum support.

Worst Strategies:


Down the middle- As the name suggests, this one will probably drop your squadrons faster then a sinking DD. The goal of this strategy, is to fly straight and fast down the middle of the map. By doing this you will get a clear picture of the enemy fleet. However, if you somehow survive the AA gauntlet, you might be able to squeeze off a few rockets. But in reality, this one is a terrible idea!

Kamikaze- This one is like the one above but slightly more stupid. The goal of this strategy, is to attack a target head on. By doing this, you will try to unload everything you have on that single target. But as the name suggests, your more than likely be erased then hit anything meaningfully. The effectiveness in this strategy is only determined on your personal risk tolerance.

Honorable way out- This strategy is very cheeky and quite literally has no value. The goal of this strategy, is to use your own squadrons against yourself. By doing this, you will prevent the enemy fleet from giving you a watery goodbye. This one is for those who want to preserve their honor and not be slain by the enemy.


These are just some of the basic strategies I've used and seen since the rework. Please note, everyone will experience these strategies differently. To that I say, good luck!

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