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Frustrations with wows mechanics

WorldOfWarships1 - Frustrations with wows mechanics

I've played this game on and off again for quite awhile. I play every class but i main BB's. Started playing because i enjoy naval history. My Great Grandfather was a gunner on the Iowa and my grandfather was a GM on a destroyer in Vietnam.

My first frustrations came from learning the game but ive gotten better. 56% WR at 5.8k games.

Right now i dont know if i want to keep playing this game. I keep coming back but each time for less amount of time than before. Which frustrates me because i love warships. (I'd re-enlist in a heartbeat if they recommissioned a BB)

I'd like to lay out my frustrations and what id love to see instead. You dont have to agree by any means but if even a few of these ideas ever got implemented i think the game would get better. (not that WG ever listens to anyone but hey)

Battleships: Well for starters theres the most common complaint i see. Thats HE spam. The issue here is that anything that can shoot HE can melt you. (Im just as guilty here whenever i play a gunboat) It's not just that superstructures seem to have infinite health. Its also fires and that because HE is so good even battleships spam it. I've even tested it a few times. Played several games with multiple different BB's and spammed HE vs AP. HE almost always had identical damage overall and that was without fires included. As a result most ships wont even leave spawn. Thats a problem. Then theres guns. I get this is an arcade style game based off "realism" but historically ships missed significantly more shots than they landed. Generally even around 15km it took multiple salvos to land a hit. so WG kind of combined the historic accuracy with an unusual damage value system. You either wiff completely on a boradside cruiser at 10km or you overpen, shatter and bounce shells. Making gameplay feel frustrating for everyone. (wether youre the cruiser that got blapped from the other side of the map or the BB that somehow missed every shot on a cruiser parked broadside in front of you.. + dd shenanigans. Miss every salvo except a few measly overpens and get point blank torped. feels rough)


Solution: i think we should stick to historic models. Light cruiser and DD rounds really arent a significant threat to battleships. (as evidence the graf spee was hit roughly 70 times and suffered minimal combat effectiveness) Damaging modules is and fires are certainly should still be a goal but. I think the superstructure HP pool should be significantly limited. The ships should have several ammo racks, add minor detonations to reward good shooting and fires but eliminate BB farming from light cruisers/dds. Accuracy should be based off a real world model, getting more accurate with each shot at the same target or the closer you get. (Iowa hit rate was about 1.2% at 27km) but make those hits hurt. To compensate id probably triple the damage of even normal pens and make flooding a severe punishment for BB overpens. This will encourage all ships to position better and reward landing hits even if they arent critical hits. You will always be rewarded with a hit (except in the cases of breaks or deflections) and citadels would be near game ending. I'm also of the opinion that AP (from BB's and heavy cruisers) should be able to start internal fires that would do way more damage than deck fires. Secondaries should have a similar dispersion and similar damage value depending on caliber. The yamatos 152mm could likely do decent damage to a BB if they hit. They should be devastating to light cruisers and dds. The American 127mm would likely do little or no damage to BB's but would still be adequate to damaging cruisers and dds. The global range for secondaries should be buffed based on caliber (similar to how AA works now)

Light and Heavy Cruisers. Honestly i feel like this ships are right where they need to be in terms of mechanics. The only issue is that the ships in these classes tend to have a severely "camping" playstyle. They cant really support or contest objectives because getting dev struck is a real possibility. As a result you end up with island campers that just afk farm damage. Changing BB accuracy and the way BB's take damage would open the game up. BB's would push up and cruisers would be incentivized to do their jobs. Supporting and hunting dd's so that the BB's dont get creamed. I cant tell you how many games i've lost because my cruisers want to sit behind islands and farm battleships while our dd's get wiped from a team thats actually playing objectives.

Destroyers: Well to be honest the only issue i see with destroyers has to do with the games reward system. There is Zero incentive to spot or cap. Until WG changes the credit and XP mechanics and releases them i dont think this will ever change.

Lastly Aircraft Carriers: Well historically they would be the most OP. But even with as flawed as the Yamato's AA was it shot down 10 planes when attacked by 300+. In this game you get attacked by a squadron of 12 and you get dropped 3 times while parked next to two "AA" cruisers. I dont really have a solution for this tbh. CV's need to lose their insane deck armor and immunity to fires. Then at a minimum if CV's can magically rebuild planes i dont see why my crew cant fix broken AA mounts.

Apologies for the rant. I guess im just tired of spawn camping gameplay and the game rewarding things that seem counter intuitive.

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