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Stuff that hasn't been done yet and could be interesting for events, etc.

  1. Gun Game: 5 ships to play as- BB, Battlecruiser like Stalingrad/Yoshino, etc.), CA, CL, and DD. You start as one, and once you get a kill you respawn on the edge of the map with a new ship. First to get 5 kills (one with every ship) you win. Could be a deathmatch type mode, and play around with map sizes and amount of players in a match (Maybe small map with 4 players, maybe really big with 12, etc.).
  2. Killstreaks: 2 kills to reveal enemy positions on map for 30 sec, 3 kills a single controllable strike of pre-nerf Hakuryu torp bombers, 4 kills for one squadron of RTS CV bombers, 5 kills for 30 second 15km radar, etc. The more OP the killstreaks are the more fun the gamemode becomes.
  3. Infiltration PvE mission: We should really have some higher tier operation/scenario battle/whatever they're called, and a stealth mission could be great. At high tier DD concealment gets fairly good, and maybe we could have a type of mission where several DDs have to infiltrate an enemy naval base bypassing cruisers and BBs, if you are spotted you lose. Of course, measures should be put in place to prevent trolls from playing Khaba, Kleber, etc.
  4. Historical Battles: Battle of Denmark Strait 2v2 battle, Battle of the Coral Sea 2v2 carriers, etc.
  5. Ramming only gamemode: Jousting with consumables, consumable usage has to be timed right to make sure you're the one who gets the kill and stays alive.
  6. Shooting gallery/wave defense/tower defense: Enemies keep coming through and you and teammates are in stationary gun platform with OP guns, the more waves you survive the more rewards you get rather than pass/fail like in some of the Halloween missions we've seen.
  7. Merchant raiding: Fun PvE scenario for upcoming submarines: infiltrate a convoy and sink as many merchants as you can while evading their escorts; this could even be PvP with one team playing as the submarines trying to sink the merchants and the other team could be playing as DDs trying to protect the merchants.
  8. Against all odds: One team with strong ships but greatly outnumbered by the other team with weaker ships (could be something like 3 t10s vs 12 t7s or whatever is balanced.)
  9. 2x speed for everything: shells, ships, torpedoes, smoke screen duration, zone capture time, etc. or 1/2x speed slow motion
  10. Low HP: All ships start out with 1/3 of their normal HP with all weapons still doing the same damage.
  11. Rush: You slowly lose HP over time, but doing damage to enemy ships helps to recover your own HP

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