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General CV nerfs are not fitting the individual CV styles – An Opinion about CVs in

WorldOfWarships2 - General CV nerfs are not fitting the individual CV styles - An Opinion about CVs in

### Well I messed up the title – I ment of course… 😀 ###

So I am new here. I was reading the WoWS reddit for quite some time, yet never signed up to take part in the discussion. What changed my mind you might ask? The latest patch: .8.5.0. and the changes done to CVs. Please hold your rage! I know I am part of the cancer, but yet I do have some things to say. I hope someone is actually going to read this all… 😀

I am playing WoWS for nearly a year now. So I am also quite new to the game itself. Even though I am quite new to this game, I've seen a lot of changes done to CVs. I joined 4 month prior to the CV rework. I mostly played DDs back then, namely the Z-52. Some time after I got my first T10 ship, the Z-52, I started to branch out into the german BB line. And after some more time, I decided to play some US CVs. So I got up to Lexington. It felt different and fun sometimes but rather rarely, but also way out of touch with the rest of the game.

Despite the fact, that you could kill a DD and some cruisers literally within 60 seconds after the start of the game, and also had to figure out where to secure and fight off enemy planes, while simultaneously attacking any ship possible and do spotting as well, it didnt hook me. It was RTS gameplay, and I'd say quite a good gameplay at that, but it wasnt the thing I wanted from this game. So in the long run: I didnt like it very much. I should'nt play CVs again until around April this year, and even sell my US CVs during the rework.

I watched some WoWS videos on Youtube and some streams of the gameplay rework and considered giving it a try. So I choose the IJN branch this time, because I liked the style of going in and secure the killing blow with AP bombs. And also, because I was quite astonished how a Hakuryu took 21k off of my GK at one point. I wanted to do this as well – cancer right?

So I took my T4 planes into the sky and went full… nothing. I could'nt hit anything. I was dying left and right, nothing worked. But the gameplay felt fun. So I kept practicing my aim and positioning and got better after some days. So I took my Free XP that I got from the sale of my US CVs and went straight up to T8 – which was a mistake. The performance of the planes was very different, and I had to get into the zone a second time. During this time I did'nt realize how many broken exploits existed. F-Key spam, weak AA, slingshotting and ultra durable planes. But even after I heard of all this, I never used any of this, yet I did quite good and I realized that CVs are overtuned "a bit".

So the inevitable nerfes came: AA got stronger, F-Key spam greatly reduced in effect (yet somehow managed to get back, what the ?), durability reduced during attack, etc. But even with this first iteration of nerfs, CVs overperformed. So they reduced the speed and uniformed the speed boost mechanic – And here starts my complaint:

IJN Hakuryu and Shokaku were okayish in the state they were in 0.8.4.: They are slow and take some time to replace (*1), they can hit hard, but also can't withstand any AA what-so-ever (*2). They turn slow and need to get into mid/long range AA to attack a second time, so they get into FLAK clouds during this. Rockets can't line up a not spotted DD (*3), and even then, don't do great damage (*4). The replenish time is okay, considering the durability and performance of each of the squadron, but the CV it self doesnt get deplaned ASAP – yet the impact you have is greatly reduced if you loose half your AP bombers and torpedo bombers early on due to some missplay and any random Worcester killing half your squadron at 7.5Km (*5,*6).

1: I would even say the replacing time should be further reduced. Some ideas: Damaged planes could get a percent based repair time, so you can't take off again with the same planes you just sent back.

*2: Except weak AA ships of course. But for a Hakuryu some ships like, i.e. the Worcester (no AA build needed), Kremlin, Stalingrad, AA build Gearing and Grozovoi, are a very considerable moving zones you dont want to go in. It is not a no-fly zone, still you will have a bad time if you fly over or into them.

*3,4: You can drop a fighter of course and line up your rockets, or anything else keeps the DD spotted. Yet: If played right by a DD, considering positioning and AA usage, you wont hit him hard. Most of the DDs dying early on, either have their AA turned on, or are going full solo somewhere. I do focus DDs of course, because they are the greatest threat, right after the CV. Most of the time, during a game, you just cant commit to hunting down a single DD (or any other ship) early on. So its mostly the first 2-4 minutes. If you survive that time in a DD, youre fine – for now.*5: AA got greatly improved during 0.8.4. What I mean with that is, that the cloud tracking is now better applied to your flying direction. So you actualy can avoid SOME of the FLAK clouds. You cant avoid 100% of them. A Worcester for example is just a black wall your flying into – as are some other ships, just with lower damage per cloud.>


Now comes patch and the AA mechanics got reworked further towards surface ships. Which in it self is fine, but the way it is done is frustratingly bad – which only counts for IJN CVs by the way! I also do have an Audacious, and her planes do not care what-so-ever! The new sequential damage done to your squadron is killing half my IJN squadrons in a very short time – nearly no matter what ship I encounter now. Which leads to a deplaned stage after maximum of ~10-11 minutes. I played 50 games so far, and had considered good games, yet no fun most of the time. It felt exhausting and weak. (I know that surface ships are getting struck harder here. Yet we all want to have fun, right?)

The thing that bothers me, and CV playing friends of mine, is: Why are CV nerfs applied in uniform, not considering the individual aspects of each of the carrier planes? The reduced flying speed was a exponentially more hard hitting nerf to IJN than to UK or US planes (not to mention Graf Zeppelins planes – the speed is was literally her only advantage?!). Audacious' planes are literally tanking anything, while IJN planes are paper planes dying like flies now. Its neither fun nor balanced. If this bad and unfun mechanic is here to stay, IJN planes need a rework.

To clearify at the end:

I do play CVs only occasionally. I main a Harugumo, and more so a GK with secondary build lately. But, especially after I heard of the shadowpatched "sequential damage done to planes" on the test servers, I did play more Hakuryu games to better compare the feeling when it goes live. I do agree that CVs need further nerfs and rebalancing. Especially their damage performance per flight, and their spotting potential.

My solution to this is rather simple, so simple I wrote some of it up there:

Add some timer to planes getting back to the carrier, so you cant keep spamming the same type over and over again. It wouldnt feel bad, considering the more authentic feeling the game wants to achieve. It freaking makes sense that a damaged plane needs some time to get repaired and especially armed again!

Fighters should not spot in their full zone. Their eyes are up in the sky, searching for enemy planes most of the time. They dont search for ships primarly!

Rework the damage output under AA fire: The longer you're in AA fire, the lower the CV damage is. While this would'nt feel quite "authentic" gameplay wise, it's only logic that humans get nervous under constant fire and get psyched out – So their performance is dropping. PTSD is nothing to underestimate after all.

This are changes I, as a CV player, want to see! And I am saying: They would impact CV performance drastically, yet keep them fun and somewhat balanced (that depends on the numbers after all). I want to stress, that the new patch is killing IJN CVs and I can't let this pass by uncommented.

Lastly some words directly considering things that need to get patched 6>:

Why are ships able to shoot their continuous AA without getting spotted? While this is hard to pull of, it is possible and feels just bad.

Why are ships able to shoot all their AA burst into the exact same spot upon entering their AA range, so your whole squadron gets whiped out in 1 second? I mean, good for the ship, but well… not fun.

Why is F-Key spam getting back, and why is slingshotting still in the game? No comment needed.

Why is only one plane getting damaged at a time? Thats just unauthentic, unfun and bad! (Sorry, I had to write it here.)


English isn't my mother tongue, so I apologize for any bad english you encountered. I hope there's going to be a friendly discussion. I am quite "bored" by the pure hatred CV players get for nearly half a year now. Lets be nice and behave like grown ups, please! I hope I made it clear, that I know each side quite well: surface ships and CVs perspective. I was raised to always look, and base my critique upon knowledge of every side during an argument, so I did.

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