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German BB power creep

WorldOfWarships3 - German BB power creep

So far there has been talks about how the german BBs have been power creeped. I will not comment about the statistics
(,Grosser-Kurfurst/) because when you compare the amount of games and the numbers, I assume too many potatoes play the Yamato and Montana.

Mostly I want to comment about the rule German bbs are supposed to fulfill. For the longest time I understood that the german line was the tanky brawler. If a enemy BB is holding a position, the german is meant to push that side, it could take the beating and the secondaries is the flavor of the line.
However they always had the problem of being KO'd pretty easily by CVs and destroyers. Since I started playing (nov. 2017, I went for the german line for the Bismark first) I noticed that the tankiness the line has is a double edge sword. Since fire dmg and flooding is % of hp dmg, the more health, the more damage you take (which people love to farm). Since I started the amount of HE oriented ships only seems to increase (IJN gunboat, USN CL) along with the rest of the massive fire starters (Conqueror, Zao, HIV) it seems like the whole design on the german bbs is obsolete. At least I have stopped playing the german line because it seems pointless.


More often than not atleast 50% of the damage I take comes from fires and its rather depressing when a wooster, harugumo, HIV can get within 14km of you in open water, free farm you, and you are unable to punish because you crossed eyed gunners and you cant outlive them due to fires. In paper the DD should counter bbs, but recently it feels like the only class that doesn't counter you is another BB (so long as its not brittish). What adds insult to injury is the Russian line seems like it will take the spot of the German line in the tankiness while having better guns, repair consumable, and AA.

So in short, the tanky brawler cant really tank or brawls poorly (secondaries being the main issue here and the talents required to compensate are itself ridiculous) . Sure as hell cant snipe. How do we improve this?
I believe a reduced base fire chance would help or at least reduce the max amount of fires to 3 (just like fire prevention). The amount of AP oriented ships isn't increasing and HE is just too strong against high hp pools. Just double down the tankiness aspect, let it shine there.

Opinions in comments, how do you make the line viable again?

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