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German CVs: Thoughts after a few battles

WorldOfWarships2 - German CVs: Thoughts after a few battles

Going off of Parseval: It’s got decently weak planes all around.

It’s torps when built around speeding them up almost always hit targets, few things escape them at 60kph even DDs struggle to avoid them.

AP rockets, absolutely punishing to cruisers IF and ONLY IF you manage a citadel hit which isnt always easy since you HAVE to have their broadside and lead the rockets a bit so they hit middle of ship. Other wise you get like 5-8 penetrations but it doesn’t even feel like you chunked them at all and if they have a pulse and begin to turn when you go to make a run on them you’re going to miss most of the rockets and the rest will ricochet.

These rockets are also all but useless against BBs due to that low alpha strike of regular pens and the inability to get deep enough to citadel on BBs.

Your AP bombers are really where this thing shines, you manage to pull off citadels with these things and BBs or unlucky CLs will cry

That’s if the dispersion doesn’t screw you over though or if what you are fighting has a pulse (again) and turns even slightly it’s likely all bombs will miss since they drop in a straight line nearly and if the target isn’t PERFECTLY in that elipse at the moment of the drop, you’ll likely get 1-2 pens maybe a lucky citadel but it’s not uncommon to miss or bounce entirely. Its not easy to line up a BB bow on or aft on as they are starting to figure out the only counter play they need to do is turn ever so slightly and you’ll basically miss all your bombs.

Meanwhile your planes are being absolutely SHREDDED by AA because they are really only a step above Japanese planes in terms of durability albeit making up for that with pure speed.

These are NOT easy carriers to play by ANY means for a new player and even seasoned CV players may struggle a bit with them some games.


It’s not a “reliable” ship in the way Most if it’s peers are.

It’s not a bad ship, but it’s high risk high reward

Also if you try to slap your secondary build commander in it from graf zeppelin you’ll find out while you have incredible range with your secondaries far surpassing that of Graf Zeppelin’s range, you only have 105mm guns, you LOSE those amazing 150mm monsters and going off info I scraped up in game from Manfred, same story…only have 105mm guns.

However manfred is going to be an interesting ship, her hull is 100% a battleship hull WITH TURTLEBACK ARMOR that’s right, Manfred Von Richthofen when you view her in port and look at protection, she’s got an icebreaker bow, you cannot overmatch this ship ANYHWERE with ANY GUN, she’s got turtleback armor if you toggle off the bow armor and look at her she’s built like the German BBs and her citadel is also ENTIRELY below the waterline.

She’s gonna be a tough old bird of a CV.

Now as for planes so far her port has limited info but it says she has the EXACT same planes as Graf Zeppelin. But with more HP and a lot more planes.

We will see if they add new planes to the German lines to replace these or how they tweak the stats of these planes. I’m hoping these are just placeholders on manfred but we will see.

But when we finally get some real info about manfred we can have further discussion, but currently she’s looking to be the hardest to kill CV in the game with those stats alone, impervious to DDs and CLs whose only hope is to close the distance and torp her will be interesting

I’m unsure how her 105s will fair against CLs however

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