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Give More Awards for Average Players.

WorldOfWarships6 - Give More Awards for Average Players.

High Caliber. Kraken Unleashed. Confederate. Dreadnought. And let's not forget the elusive Solo Warrior.

There are a lot of these achievements, and they're very impressive. But there's a problem – all of these awards are reserved for the really good players. They're ridiculously hard to get for the average player, and especially for the largest portion of the playerbase – the potato. It would be good to give those players some awards they can consistently collect as well.

Therefore, I have some great suggestions for new awards and achievements, which will still be hard to obtain, but for a different reason, giving an entirely different group of players the opportunities to fill their trophy case.


Small Caliber – Damage at least 4 enemy ships, but no more than 10% of their total HP.

Nemo Unleashed – Average less than 1/5th of a kill per game for 100 games.

Waiting for the Perfect Time – Receive damage equal to exactly 100% of your ship's normal HP from 4 opponents and die, while in a ship equipped with Repair Party.

You Can't See Me – Lose more than 50% HP and die while inside smoke and undetected.

Movie Henchman – Have 4 or more ships on your team against 1 enemy ship, and lose the game.

Kamikaze – Have more than 50% of your total possible planes killed by a single enemy ship.

This Looks Bad – Get hit by 6 or more enemy ships within 1 minute and die.


Kill Stealer – Deal less than 5% damage to an enemy ship and kill it.

Help! Fire! – Receive 3 simultaneous fires within 1 minute of using damage control to extinguish 1 fire.

Glasses Needed – Finish a battle with less than 10% main battery accuracy.

How do I Land? – Lose more than 90% of your total possible planes. Aircraft Carriers only.

Read the Rules – Leave a cap point with less than 10 seconds remaining, while not being detected by an opponent.

Banzai! – As a destroyer, get killed by a battleship less than 4 km away.

Don't Ram – Get destroyed by ramming when you have over twice the HP of the other ship.

And What is Angling? – As a battleship, ricochet more than 20 shells on a single enemy ship.

Whiffed – Fire 4 or more torpedoes at an enemy cruiser or battleship less than 3 km away and miss all of them.

There's Nothing Here – Use all of your Radar consumables without detecting a single ship with them.

Last Blood – Die and give the enemy team enough points to win the game.


With the addition of all of these, the average players would be able to enjoy a lot more achievements.

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