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Give more rewards for AMAZING players

WorldOfWarships7 - Give more rewards for AMAZING players

I saw this post today, and thought "hmm… that's a great idea, but about really good players?" If you're an omega-Unicum, chances are you wish that you could get cooler medals than just the ez pz High Caliber and Confederate medals. Even complete plebs manage to get those once in a while. Here's my thoughts on what these new medals could be:

Cthulu Unleashed: Kill 7 or more enemy ships.

My Back Hurts: Kill every ship on the enemy team.

One Ship Navy: Deal 60% or more of the enemy team's health in damage.

Don't Worry Guys, I've Got This One: Deal 80% or more of the enemy team's health in damage

Are You F***ing Kidding Me?!: Deal 50% of the enemy teams health in damage, and manage to lose the game.

Now My Watch Begins: Camp at the same objective in a radar cruiser for the whole game, and kill at least two DDs that try to cap.

Ranked PTSD: Playing on a map from the previous ranked cycle in a ship that was ranked compatible, double the base XP of the second place person on your team, and lose the game.

F**k You, And You, And That Guy Too!: Deal damage to every ship on the enemy team.

Damage at least 5 ships from nations different than yours in a game.

Off to Gulag: In a Stalingrad, obtain a Devastating Strike on at least three ships.


Air Cancer: Obtain a Kraken Unleashed, Confederate, and High Caliber while playing in an Aircraft Carrier.

The Eye of Sauron: Obtain at least 100k spotting damage while playing in an Aircraft Carrier

I Forgot This Wasn't a Khabarovsk: In any Destroyer that is not part of the mainline Russian Destroyers, remain detected for at least ten minutes by ships due to firing your guns, and place top on your team.

Holy Jesus… WHAT IS THAT?: Play a game with a full division of Shiratsuyus with Torpedo Reload Booster, and kill a ship that you all launch torpedoes at (including use of the Torpedo Reload Booster).

Snapping Turtle: Ram at least two ships in a game as a Destroyer.

Dex Warrior: Playing in a Destroyer, receive at least 3 million potential damage and survive the battle.

Dreadnot: Kill a ship that would've gotten a Dreadnought at least 5 seconds before the match ends.

Small Boat, Big Balls: Open fire on Cruisers that are no more than 10km away from you, and deal at least 50k damage to them. Destroyers only.

Move B**ch, Get Out The Way: Ram at least three ships in a Battleship or Cruiser and survive the battle.

That's all I've got for now. Anyone else have any good ideas?

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