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Give more rewards for…. Players!

WorldOfWarships6 - Give more rewards for.... Players!

I saw this post earlier today. That guy saw this post. Look, they're both great ideas. Wargaming should integrate those awards. But, there's a problem that both posters fail to see:

Their rewards are based on skill. It's 2019. Everyone should be included in the fun! I have spent some time to think of some awards that players can earn for just…. playing the game!

Wargaming, I think that you should look into adding these awards. They will increase player morale and make for a more fun, lighthearted game!

Connected! Log into the game successfully! Is earned every time conditions are met. Includes a “Stereo MC’s” commemorative flag

Expert Loader! Achieve the “Connected!” metal 100 times

I’m off to war! Enter a battle of any type

Mr. Random: Enter a Random Battle

Given a scenario….: Play a scenario battle

Oh yeah, there is another game mode: Play a Co-Op battle (Hey, this title is about as much love as WG gives Co-Op players)

Farmer’s Co-Op: Play 100 Co-Op battles (This way we know you actually want to play them and didn’t just accidentally enter one). Awards 10x Limited Edition “Case IH” camouflage. Camo benefits: Ship speed is reduced to a maximum of 10knots, but ships will receive +200% Horsepower boost

You want to try reverse bowtanking, Mr. Missouri? Yeah, I will tractor you forwards in my…. Grozovoi. Horsepower is where it’s at, son! Speed is SO overrated…

Rocky: Crash into an island. Awards a Sylvester Stallone commemorative flag

Holy Ship!: Detonate an enemy for a devastating strike. Can only be earned once. Rewards 1x Juliet Whiskey flag

Wait, he was on my team?: Hit an ally ship with a torpedo or shell

C’mon, Weegee! Attempt to load into a battle, but be disconnected from the server and turn pink

Silence is Golden: Receive at least one chat report in a game where you did not use chat functions


That's gotta hurt: Damage an enemy warship. Can be earned once per battle.

Personal Jesus: Land zero shell hits on a ship, but detonate them. Awards a limited edition “Depeche Mode” flag

Just can’t get enough: Play at least 5 battles in a 24 hour period. Awards 5x limited edition “Violator” camouflages. Yeah, I’ll see myself out after that. No more Depeche Mode puns.

I’m Popular Now! Be targeted by at least 5 enemies at once

People are People: Division with another player. Oh, crap. That’s another DM pun

External Armor: Push an ally into torpedoes

I helped! Be detonated in a game where you did not have any damage or captures

If I could turn back time: Spot a Missouri. Can be an ally or enemy. Awards a special Cher flag

What the heck is that thing? Spot a ship that’s currently in Supertest

Torp Me! Be hit by an enemy torpedo. Can only be earned once

Shell-shocked: Be hit by an enemy shell. Can only be earned once

Honorable Discharge: Leave a battle by exiting to port after your ship has been destroyed

Beautiful Stranger: Spot an enemy ship that has mounted a camouflage. Awards a limited edition “Madonna” flag

Dang, you found me: Be spotted by an enemy by either Hydroaccoustic search or Surveillance Radar. Can only be earned once

Hail Hydro: Use the Hydroaccoustic search consumable.

Radar! Use the surveillance radar consumable. Awards a special “MASH” flag

These are just some basic ideas. I'm sure you have some great ones to share in the comments! Together, we can make this game fun for everyone…. and ensure that almost every player can earn at least one achievement in every battle

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