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Going Negative: Trends in Rank 1 players with

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Lately there's been a lot of discussion about some examples of CVs with low win rates achieving rank 1. Flamu linked one on
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his Twitter, for example, and there was a big thread about it here on reddit. I decided I wanted to gather some data on the topic and do a bit of analysis.

Data Gathering

First, I'll need to ask for a bit of trust. I decided it wouldn't be appropriate to name names. It's too close to "naming and shaming" for my tastes. I pulled all the data for this over the past 24 hours from, manually looking through all the rank 1 players in their "The Twelfth Season" data set. I have all the profile links in a local spreadsheet, but I decided to post only the anonymized data to a public Google sheet. If you would like the profile links to verify the data, PM me and I'll send them.

At the time of publication, this sheet contains all R1 players on EU server with <50% win rate (n=41). Obviously, the season isn't over yet, so there will likely be more negative win rate R1s by the weekend, but I didn't sample the set. All data points I could find are included.

Top Level Results

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41 players reached rank 1 with a win rate under 50%. Average win rate was 48.73%, and average games played was 348.63. The most played class breakdown of negative win rate R1 players is: 18 CV, 12 BB, 8 CA, 3 DD.

Gotta Go Fast

rg99dfuryd531 - Going Negative: Trends in Rank 1 players with

Focusing on just the players who ranked out in less than 300 games clearly shows something new is happening. Of the 16 players who ranked out in less than 300 games, 13 played CV most, 2 BB, and 1 CA. Now, there happen to be BBs at 301 and 303, so my cutoff is somewhat arbitrary, but the trend is still clear. Ranking out quickly with a negative win rate is more possible with season 12 CVs than with anything else. The last time we saw rank outs this fast with negative win rates was World of Sims way back in season 6.


Focus on Ships

h1vl1rmtxd531 - Going Negative: Trends in Rank 1 players with

Among the CVs, Hakuryu was the clear winner in terms of winning ranked games, with a 52.5% win rate against 48.9% Midway and 48.3% Audacious. However, it wasn't the preferred choice of negative win rate CV players. That honor belonged to Midway, which was the most played ship of nearly 20% of the negative win rate R1 cohort.

For the non-CVs, there are three standouts:

  • Yamato's ability to overmatch BB bows makes it a reliable damage dealer, and farming damage is farming stars.
  • Kremlin doesn't seem particularly good at star saving. It's probably just OP.
  • Shimakaze was the only DD in the sample. It's very difficult to save stars in a DD, but if you're going to try, it looks like torpedo spam is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Coming into this, my initial thinking was that ranking out with a bad win rate has always been possible, and there have usually been a few players that do it in 300 games or less each season. Looking at the data, I think there's pretty clear evidence that the reworked CVs are a powerful method for weaker players to achieve R1. There are more CVs in the cohort than anything else, and those CVs ranked out 100 games faster than the BBs, which were the next best option for star saving your way to R1.

I've never been a fan of the star saving mechanic in general, and particularly not a fan of using the damage-focused XP formula to decide who saves the star. That being said, most seasons I've been pretty okay with the concept. This is the first season in a long time where I think something is really broken. At the very least, I think something must be done about the CV XP formula, and getting DDs some more stars is even more urgent if you want ranked to be a fair format.

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