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Graf Zeppelin needs some love and care

WorldOfWarships4 - Graf Zeppelin needs some love and care

CV post so I'm not expecting much, but for those who do care, here's a couple thoughts I've had in the past days over how to somehow improve Graf Zeppelin. Mostly buffs, perhaps excessive ones, but I believe this CV needs some love from WG since the last time they tried, it was a failure (I'm talking about the nerfed plane boost and "reworked" dive bombers) and there has been no attempt to fix the problem (though in fairness WG is very slow when it comes to changes, "we have to collect data" and blah blah yadda yadda).

Now, here's what I would put forward:

Ship changes – Perhaps a buff to concealment but the way CVs play now the ship tends to relocate often, so proper positioning can help compensate Graf's bad detection.

Plane changes

  1. Attackers (rocket planes) – buff their speed and healthpool to be comparable to the Shiden Kai used by Shokaku. Graf's main asset is speed as seen on the Ta-152, and I believe the Me-155 should reflect that as well, if less so for balance sake. Make them fast and agile, but fragile.

  2. Torpedo Bombers – buff torpedo speed to 50 knots base (55 with the TA perk, same as IJN) OR buff damage and flooding chance. Torpedoes with lots of range but that are essentially water mines in terms of speed and damage make no sense to me, so I'd rather they hit hard when they hit, or they go fast but don't sting too much. For the Ta-152, to compensate for the loss of their 260 knots boosted speed, give them +1 engine cooldown charge and make it last 10 seconds (same as the Me-155).

  3. Dive Bombers – change the formation to nine planes, and instead of four attack runs with two bombs per run, do three attack runs with three bombs per run. Also, make the diving angle steeper as it was. For the planes, apply the same changes listed above for the torpedo bombers.

…and that's it I guess.

Now, before someone comes and gives me shit because I don't know anything about life, I'll tell you a secret – I own Graf Zeppelin (the post-rework one, never had the RTS one), and yes this predates the threads where I asked info on premium CVs and other stuff. It is perhaps the only premium ship I bought BECAUSE of which ship it was, and not because hard stats made it a strong ship – I'm a shameless fan of Azur Lane's Graf, and conveniently Aslain has some Azur Lane-themed cosmetic mods.

Anyway, that's about it. If you agree or disagree and want to drop a suggestion of your own, you're welcome. CV haters can just downvote and be on their way, I'd like for this thread to stay civil.

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